Syrian Military Liberates Strategic Supply Route

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In yet another example of the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) march forward with its liberation of Syria from the foreign-backed death squads that have terrorized the Syrian people for the last two years, the SAA has recently announced that it has retaken the strategic village of Qara.

The liberation of Qara comes after days of military airstrikes near the Lebanese border targeting weapon smuggling routes used by the death squads.

As a Syrian army spokesman stated to the press:

This morning units from our armed forces succeeded in taking control of the town of Qara in Damascus province. 


This latest success is a continuation of the successes that our heroic armed forces are achieving in their battle against terrorism. 


This success consolidates our control on the supply routes… preventing terrorists from illegally entering and from smuggling weapons into Syria.

A photo posted by Syrian Perspective appears to show a large celebration by Qara citizens at the liberation of the village. Syrian military soldiers are said to be focused now on the dismantling of IEDs and other explosive devices left behind by the death squads for the purpose of terrorizing the Syrian military and the Syrian people.

The liberation of Qara is a strategic victory both due to its location and due to the fact that it has acted as an outpost of a death squad supply route since the terrorists overran the village nearly a year ago.

Qara is located about 60 miles north of Damascus and close to the Lebanese border. It is also located in between Damascus and Aleppo and on the road which links the capitol to the coast.

After having such an important supply route cut by the Syrian Army, the death squad units occupying the suburbs surrounding Damascus will now be under even more pressure as the Syrian military assault on these areas continue. Indeed, the liberation of Qara goes quite a long way in the direction of cutting off critical supplies and reinforcements to the death squads operating in a number of different areas.

According to Syrian Perspective, the Syrian military has made significant gains in the town of Al-Sahl and is poised to announce the liberation of that town very soon. Al-Sahl is located in the Damascus governate and is in between Damascus and Qara though slightly west of both.

The liberation of Qara stands as yet another strategic victory which spells clear defeat for the foreign-backed death squads if the Syrian military and the Assad government are able to continue their current course of liberation strategy.

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