Mountain Man Arrested In Courtroom, Gets the Last Word Again


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Mountain natural living man, Ernie Wayne Tertelgte, of Manhattan, Montana made a lasting impression on the Internet with his stalwart defense of sovereignty in an epic courtroom appearance we wrote about here.

In this November 22nd courtroom appearance he’s acting as his own defender again and is back to schooling the room on the Constitution. Please see more below for the background.

Tertelgte was found guilty by a jury on two charges that stem from fishing without a license; mainly, obstructing a peace officer and resisting arrest. Before a jury was selected, Ernie objects from the beginning when the charges are read and continues until he is removed from the room in handcuffs and made to watch the rest of the hearing in another room, still cuffed.

He again emphasizes that he is the natural living man. Why? The Ernie Wayne Tertelgte referred to in the charges appears in all capital letters, which many researchers suggest, refers to a corporate entity, not the actual person.

He points to the American legal system’s ties to the British Crown when he asks:

Why, please, give me an honorable answer, is a British recognized esquire asking questions in an American courtroom?

Why is title of nobility applied behind this gentleman’s name that is recognized as being banned from our country in the 1789 Constitution? Is nobody going to stand for our Constitution?

When the bailiffs finally come by to handcuff him, they tell him to stand up. He remains seated so as not to give them recognition and forces them to lift him. He continues to school the courtroom until removed.

The modern day court system is so far removed from its original intent that it is unlikely the majority of people in the room that day understood any of his references. But when in doubt and frustration they simply silence, threaten arrest, leave the courtroom, handcuff him or end the session.

KBZK News provided some background about the original event that triggered the continued hearings:

The charges against him stem from an Aug. 31 incident which a state game warden attempted to cite Tertelgte for fishing without a license at the Three Forks Pond, which is a state-managed area.

In court, FWP warden Adam Pankratz said Tertelgte refused to give him his name when approached. He was fishing with his 11-year-old son that day and the warden told the court he and a Three Forks police officer repeatedly tried to stop the situation from escalating, but Tertelgte refused to comply.

If you watch KBZK’s report, you might get the impression they are painting him as the one who unnecessarily escalated the situation – again, over fishing without a license.

Tertelgte, who did not get a chance to cross examine witnesses, was fined $150.

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10 Comments on "Mountain Man Arrested In Courtroom, Gets the Last Word Again"

  1. We all need to follow the constitution it is our Bible; it is like the bible is to all Christians. The truth is that our own government is trashing our constitution and our God given rights, each man have the right to be self sufficient and is a sovereign individual the 10th amendment is very clear. It is time for a change in America and vote all the traitors out of office; they are a bunch of whores that sold out to the elite corporate and the Bank financial system. Join us to take our country back.

  2. My respect to all men that stand for our Constitution and our God given rights. I live in Helena, Montana back on the 60ths and I know many people, most are people of good character, honest hard working and believers of what our country stand for; our constitution and our freedom. I campaign for Max Baucus for congressman, and Washington change the man that I work to place him in office to represent the people of Montana. I think that this system is so corrupt that most people got contaminated by this culture of corruption. The only way to change this culture of corruption is by changing the way that politicians finance their election and re-election. all political contributions must end and the politicians campaign should be finance by all taxpayers. All taxpayers must contribute to a trust fund to be use for the financing of all candidates that are running for office.

  3. Henry, for your info, he lost because we fail to support him and many like him, maybe is ignorance, apathy or fear; but the bottom line is quitters never win and winners never quit Mr. Tertelgte is a winner. God bless him for being a man of character.

    • Indeed…Hooyah & God Bless Mr. Tertelgte and all citizens of like minded determination.
      This is just another log on the fire…and one day…the Restoration of the Republic will see these criminals head roll once we end their attempts to establish the NWO…!

  4. Amen, we must obey God’s law and man law if it is in agreement with our constitution. We must stand for our constitution, Nothing matters but our constitution and the rule of law, God’s law.

  5. They got the handcuffs on him just in time! No telling what he might have done. Maybe even point out something else in which the unauthorized authorities are acting under cover of authority. 😉 And, really, BEHIND his back? Is he really that dangerous? I thought the arrest related to a license, not to a propensity for violence or a risk as a fugitive.

    Dr. Wherewithal

  6. Indeed…We the People are slowly Awakening.
    Awaken faster, people of America for “they” are destroying our country & sovereignty with intent.
    We are at war.
    America is an Oligarchy, masquerading around as a Democracy when in Truth we are supposed to be a Constitutional Republic.
    Hooyah & God Bless the Awakening, the Restoration of the Republic and Mr. Tertelgte…!!!

  7. …at first they came for someone and I said nothing…then they came for my neighbor and again I said nothing…then they came for me…and there was no one left to speak out for me…
    (I paraphrase…)
    It’s time for American and the rest of the world to Awaken and stand up to this on going criminal enterprise that is commonly called, the New World Order.
    Stand…before it’s to late…
    Hooyah & God Bless.

  8. schooling ? Pirates, Pirate Ships more like a tirade, the incoherent nonsensical babblings of a delusional person.

  9. I’ve thought about it & the prevailing truth is that he had no choice but to be in the position of being a part of their game. Just so sad (really, disgusting, when you think about it). In the Amazon, it is legal for loggers/corporations to come in and chop down trees – in the “lung of the world” – but illegal for the natives to chop firewood for their sustenance, to cook, on their own land. The land that was taken from them, due to empty materialism, corruption – not having a soul/being humane. I am saddened by this story & the story of the natives everywhere, especially. They have real values. Our government system is beyond corrupt & knows no value except gaining power over others & money – empty existence. We are pawns in their game, due to a severe power imbalance & lack of true values. I appreciate the thoughts, as I wanted so much for the right thing to happen as it was insane to watch the judge – who is supposed to be able to discover the truth – not acknowledge our own constitution and human rights. But the truth is that he did the best he could, as he was forced into that courtroom & yes, their corrupt game. Brave, highly intelligent man ?.

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