Militarized Australian Police Raid Motorcycle Club; Humiliate Man In Public and Make No Arrests

Digby Jones
Activist Post

The ongoing militarization of police forces is not exclusively limited to the United States. Even in Australia, a country which has substantially less guns in public circulation and very limited drug cartel violence compared to the border states of the USA, the trend has quickly been gaining steam in recent years. The result has been a steady increase in completely unnecessary and over-the-top police raids on ‘bikie’ clubs across the country, who have become an easy scapegoat to justify the changes in Australian policing to a more American-style battlefield mentality. Much like the United States, ‘Serve and Protect’ is gradually being replaced with ‘Raid and Seize’ in Australia.

In recent years, motorbike club members have been demonized by the Australian media and police like they are some sort of domestic terrorist group. Yet the truth is they hardly present any real unique menace to the public, and what crimes they do commit are often heavily sensationalized by authorities.

This latest raid took place in Port Melbourne, where a platoon of heavily armed police with an armored van surrounded a business which has links to a motorcycle club. In a shocking display of police abuse, a man inside the property was forced to crawl out on his hands and knees in full public view, as if he was like some Chinese peasant preparing to Kowtow before the Emperor. The man then had his hands tied behind his back with cable ties, and was rolled over from side to side like a pig in a factory farm while the police searched his pockets.

This is the new battlefield protocol of policing, because apparently it is simply too much to ask for a person to simply keep their hands high in the air, slowly approach a police vehicle, and firmly place their hands against it so a reasonable search for contraband can be performed with minimal fuss. Maximum humiliation will instill fear in the public and let them know that the police are their masters and commanders.

The raid ultimately resulted in no arrests, and when a local woman was interviewed by news crews about the motorcycle club, she knew they were located within that property but never felt threatened or scared by them in her life. It’s a sentiment which is more than likely shared by just about all Port Melbourne residents.

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