Massachusetts Defeating NDAA With Help of Activists

Small town USA crushes the NDAA; sign resolutions.

Andrew Pontbriand
Activist Post

The State of Massachusetts is steamrolling through legislation that is blocking the Feds from using the NDAA at local levels. The organization known as P.A.N.D.A. is leading the way, not only in MA, but across the country.

So far in Massachusetts, two owns have enacted legislation to effectively prevent the Federal Government from using the NDAA in their respective towns. Oxford, MA was the first, when it passed an Anti-NDAA Bill on October 9, 2013. This came just two days after Albany, New York became the first city in the country by passing Resolution 80.92.13.

The Oxford resolution entitled “Restoring Constitutional Governance Resolution”, came with a near unanimous decision. The resolution is very strong and states the following:

…it is unconstitutional, and therefore unlawful for any person to: 

a. arrest or capture any person in Oxford, or citizen of Oxford, within the United States, with the intention of “detention under the law of war”, or 

b. actually subject a person in Oxford, to “disposition under the law of war”, or 

c. subject any person to targeted killing in Oxford, or citizen of Oxford, within the United States;….”

Also in Massachusetts, the town of Webster wrote up a similar resolution, with the same strong language that passed into law in October.

P.A.N.D.A. – the People Against NDAA – is sweeping across MA and is currently working on bills in Worcester, Lowell, and Southbridge.

Unlike in most towns across the country, Massachusetts has town meetings where the citizens can vote on bills and have them passed into law, which is proving to be key in getting the Anti-NDAA resolutions authored, and voted on with a positive outcome. This is a great example of how small towns with people who work together can score a victory for the Constitution and Freedom.

Visit PANDA to see how you can take back your town.

Andrew Pontbriand is an activist, researcher, radio show host, and writer for Intellihub, andThe Resistance Journals. Like his Facebook Page here

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