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Much has been written in the mainstream media lately about Russia’s seemingly harsh treatment of the crew members of Greenpeace’s ship, Arctic Sunrise, whose crew were arrested for boarding a Russian state-owned Gazprom oil rig in the Arctic Ocean, ostensibly because they wished to protest oil drilling in a fragile Arctic ecosystem.

The crew of the Arctic Sunrise, now affectionately known by the moniker “The Arctic 30,” are currently being held in prison in the Russian port city of Murmansk on charges of hooliganism.

According to a September 26, 2013 article in the New York Times: “Seizure of a Greenpeace Vessel by Russia, ” Kumi Naidoo, the executive director of Greenpeace International, is quoted as saying:

We welcome President Putin’s recognition that our activists are clearly not pirates, and acted purely out of concern for the Arctic environment,” Mr. Naidoo said in a statement. “Our climbers attempted to attach themselves to the side of the platform to raise attention to the threat of Arctic oil drilling in this fragile environment and the urgent need to deal with climate change. (Source)

Greenpeace Director Naidoo’s description of the event as reported by the New York Times only tells a small part of the story. The boarding of the oil rig which is a violation of international law was, in my opinion and no doubt the opinion of many others, well-orchestrated to function as an excuse to launch a smear campaign against a Russian regime that stands in opposition against much of the Globalist agenda.

Thankfully, Russia has a low tolerance for NGO-sponsored tomfoolery, and as such has enacted stiff regulations against their proliferation throughout that country.

No doubt some if not all of the Arctic 30 crew are merely dupes being used in a geopolitical game to which they’re likely unaware, and as such, it’s difficult not to feel somewhat sympathetic to their plight. Hopefully their sentences will be reduced accordingly, since it seems the Russian government’s actions have clearly demonstrated their low tolerance for such shenanigans and to keep them imprisoned for any great length of time would have negative PR value.

According to the same NY Times article:

The seizure of the Arctic Sunrise has focused new attention on Russia’s ambitions to develop the Arctic as climate change makes the region more accessible for larger parts of the year. It also cast a shadow over the international conference, where Mr. Putin, joined by the presidents of Finland and Iceland and scores of diplomats, scientists and oil executives, pledged to foster diplomatic, economic and environmental cooperation in the Arctic.

Clearly the whole event was staged as a PR stunt for the purpose of allowing Greenpeace the opportunity to educate New York Times readers as to their version of what causes climate change and who the bad guys are, namely:

a) the oil industry, particularly that of Russia
b) those who support national economic development of the energy sector in general in all nations, but particularly throughout the developing world
c) those who support cooperation among countries such as Finland, Iceland and Russia who wish their countries, and not just international oil companies, to benefit from the cultivation of Arctic resources.

The anti-national sovereignty message comes across loud and clear, as do the disingenuous claims about the causes of climate change.

From what I can gather, the #1 cause of climate change worldwide is GeoEngineering.

Look Up!

So what does Greenpeace have to say about GeoEngineering?

Surprisingly little. When even MSM organ grinders like the NY Times and the Huffington Post make the occasional report on GeoEngineering – shoddy and propaganda-laden as those reports might be – at least they mention it. They write articles about it.

But Greenpeace, an environmentalist organization whose job you would think would be to inform the public about environmental health risks like GeoEngineering, is eerily silent about the issue. How do we know that?

Well, when one does a search for “GeoEngineering” in the Greenpeace website, there is a grand total of one result.


In that article where the result is found, written by former Director of the original Greenpeace Foundation, Rex Weyler, there is only one passing mention of GeoEngineering in the blog post, which was written as a response to a UK Channel Four program entitled: What The Green Movement Got Wrong:

Weyler protests that the Channel Four documentary is:

attacking environmentalism while supporting nuclear power, DDT, genetically modified crops and GeoEngineering. (Source)

That one passing reference to GeoEngineering not only goes unmentioned in the remainder of Weyler’s article, but is the only reference to GeoEngineering in the entire Greenpeace website!

Furthermore, the reference does not explain what Greenpeace’s position actually is on GeoEngineering, citing only what Channel Four allegedly supports.

You may then think to yourself, “well perhaps Greenpeace isn’t semantically partial to the word ‘GeoEngineering,’ surely they’ll have loads to say about chemtrails…”

Wrong again! A quick search for “Chemtrails” in the Greenpeace website yields not a single result.

Now get this: while “GeoEngineering” yields only one meager search result in the Greenpeace website, “Climate Denial” yields a whopping 56 hits, and is chock-full of feature-length articles on its various hydra-like manifestations. Climate denial is their pet issue; their bread and butter.

How about a search for “Solar Radiation Management?”

8 hits, but none of them about Solar Radiation Management. Instead all the articles that come up are about Fukushima and the nuclear industry.

Denial, the assertion that a statement or allegation is not true. The same word is used for a psychological defense mechanism postulated by Sigmund Freud, in which a person is faced with a fact that is too uncomfortable to accept and rejects it instead, insisting that it is not true despite what may be overwhelming evidence.[2][3] (Source)

Denial, a loaded term if ever there was one, has obvious associations that are surely not lost on the reader. One does not use it loosely, and the fact that it’s part of the Greenpeace platform means that Greenpeace is well aware of the framing applied by making denial a cornerstone of its campaign.

Wikipedia provides the following instructive breakdown of the three main types of denial:

  • simple denial: deny the reality of the unpleasant fact altogether
  • minimization: admit the fact but deny its seriousness by combining denial with rationalization
  • projection: admit both the fact and seriousness but deny responsibility by blaming somebody or something else.

One could easily and quite fairly state that Greenpeace practices all three forms of denial when it comes to Climate Change as defined by Wikipedia:

Simple Denial: by virtue of its near-total omission from its website of the terms “GeoEngineering” and “Chemtrails,” Greenpeace “denies the reality of the unpleasant fact altogether.”

Minimization: by never actually stating that GeoEngineering and Chemtrails do not exist, but doing nothing as an environmental group to speak out and raise awareness of the issue, Greenpeace “admits the fact but denies its seriousness by combining denial with rationalization.”

Projection: by holding up climate change as the enemy but denying its true cause, GeoEngineering, Greenpeace “denies responsibility and blames somebody or something else,” i.e. whichever enemies the Globalists find it most advantageous at any given moment to smear.

It’s no secret that those who own the international banks also own the oil companies, the media and the major political parties in the United States, Western Europe and most countries around the world. Greenpeace would have you believe that the only opposition to Global Warming/Climate Change is Fat Cat Republican Climate Deniers and the Big Oil Lobby, when in fact objection to the absurdity of the Global Warming claims increasingly comes from the grassroots.

It would not then be an exaggeration to say that Greenpeace is an active participant in what amounts to a false flag psyops upon the global public. How so?

Globalist-sponsored GeoEngineering causes global warming and numerous other horrifically harmful health effects upon the planet and population, but uses organizations like Greenpeace to redirect the blame, ostensibly, on Big Oil and Republican Climate Deniers, which is a false flag, when in fact the real targets of this highly sophisticated public relations campaign are:

a) developing nations who depend on fossil fuel for industrialization and as a means of preserving national sovereignty, and 

b) ordinary human animals around the world whose health is severely and intentionally endangered by GeoEngineering practices.

Clearly Greenpeace has been adroitly set up as controlled opposition to Globalist-funded Big Oil and Republican Climate Deniers in order to capitalize on the organization’s global reach and reputation as useful cover for actual Globalist-sponsored global warming caused not by fossil fuel carbon emissions, but privately funded GeoEngineering on a global scale, which threatens the health and well-being of citizens and the sovereignty of nations.

And the rabbit hole runs even deeper than that. GeoEngineering is now rather stealthily being touted in the mainstream media as a possible solution to the climate change that it itself is responsible for creating. Of course the fact that GeoEngineering has been going on for many years without public disclosure is not mentioned in any mainstream reports. (Source)

For all of these reasons, Russia should be applauded by sovereign nations and concerned citizens around the world for coming down hard on the fraud that is Greenpeace and its Globalist paymasters, even if one can’t help but feel sorry for the imprisoned crew of the Arctic Sunrise, who may very well have been innocent victims of their misplaced environmental impulses.

If anyone should be imprisoned for causing harm to the public, it’s the leaders of Greenpeace, whose active participation in the GeoEngineering criminal conspiracy along with their shameless and deceitful eagerness to smear truth seekers as “deniers” is a high crime against humanity and should be punished accordingly.

Ironically, Greenpeace seems to relish the opportunity to hurl the accusation of “Climate Denier” not only indiscriminately at the growing number of awakened non-believers, but in a targeted manner towards those who don’t play ball according to Globalist rules.

But as we’ve seen by their omissions as much as their actions, the ones who are really in denial about the true cause of global warming: GeoEngineering, are Greenpeace and its followers. That being the case, Greenpeace should take into consideration the inevitable blowback that comes from misleading the public in such an insidious way.

Those like Greenpeace, who live in glass houses, should really not throw stones.

Committed to raising the curtain on illusion in order to reveal the beauty of unadorned truth wherever he can find it and communicating it to whoever dares to listen, with an appetite for ceaseless exploration, Balzac invites readers to join him on a fun-filled journey of investigation into the strange and wondrous worlds of art, history, philosophy, psychology, politics and the law.

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