Awesome Garage Inventor Boosts Battery Power with Homemade Transformer

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LaserSaber is one of the coolest garage inventors on the Web. He has experimented with homemade supercapacitors in place of his car battery, built a self-contained solar generator with its own supercapacitor instead of a battery bank, and even flew to work propelled by a supercapacitor among other amazing tinkering.  Oh, and all of his projects are open source with material lists and instructions (See Here).

In the video below, he connects his supercapacitor to a homemade transformer to boost the battery output by over five times.

Imagine charging the supercapacitor with something like a WiFi harvester seen here. It could be a closed loop system that powers your home. The future looks bright for energy because of open-source inventors like this.  Who said we couldn’t innovate our way out of an energy crisis?

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