A Peaceful Awakening

Jon David Miller
Activist Post

It is a time of awakening, a time when growing numbers of intelligent people are becoming aware of the major challenges we face and are considering the situation.

Awareness Of The Challenges

Do you realize there is a secretive policy of non-disclosure for much of what is done by those in control? Have you noticed that disinformation and even lies are often presented by officials and the media?

Are you aware that experimentation has been done on large groups of people without their knowledge? Have you grasped that there is a policy of small doses of public poisons being delivered through multiple venues for the purpose of population control?

“Democracy”, Bureaucracy & The Corporate Empire

The U.S. president and other officials are puppets acting out a fake corporate state “democracy” drama.

Since 9-11-01, the loss of freedom in the U.S. has been recognized by most of us. That false flag event was used as a “psy op” for brainwashing the deceived public to fearfully accept terrorism as rationale for war and a progressive restriction of liberty.

A secretive power cabal is implementing their plan for tyranny. These power controllers have gradually over the last century set up sophisticated fraudulent systems of dominance.

Those behind the transnational corporate statist bureaucracy seek to expand its hegemony to the point of total global tyranny in The New World Order Empire.

Making It Better

This current era is the most important one of our lifetime thus far. The nature of society for many years to come is being determined right now.

Due to abuse from the constant poisoning our overall health is being weakened. Fresh organically grown foods and super foods as well as herbs, antioxidants, enzymes and minerals are essential to support the immune system and be healthy.

With awareness and love we can undo and heal this orchestrated fiasco. Facing various major challenges, we can prepare with courage, lift up love and focus on healing and transforming the world, making it better.

Preparation For Survival

The potential is high for economic collapse, a natural or intentional disaster, and a shortage of food. Earth changes are apparently underway. We could have an EMP or a massive earthquake anytime, knocking out power or otherwise disrupting lives.

Preparedness for survival is a major issue of our time. A good plan and trusted associates are necessary to survive in a time of significant disturbances of normal societal functions.

The possibility of a widespread power outage and the commercial system shutting down means that food storage and an independent pure water supply are crucial. Nutritious high quality super foods are ideal. Other essentials include seeds for sprouting and gardening, fuel for heat and energy, and tools to build and repair one’s shelter and grow food.

In the long run, growing your own organically grown food may be very important. Fresh non-GMO food builds health. Plant your garden when the weather permits with heirloom seeds, then save food and seeds for the future. You can grow sprouts, lettuce and other crops indoors in winter, and even build a greenhouse.

Greens like kale and collards can be grown in winter in a cold greenhouse. If it is heated, lettuce and other crops are possible in the winter as well.

It is time to form your prepper support group. It would be wise to organize a neighborhood community support system and make plans and preparations for survival and safety under challenging circumstances.

Facing multiple challenges increases stress dramatically. It is wise to learn to manage stress intentionally. In addition to being prepared, we can focus on good nutrition, better breathing, meditation, good music, beauty, spirituality, love, forgiveness, the Golden Rule and cooperation.

Can We Transform The New World Order Empire?

War has been a common experience of humanity for centuries due to separation thinking and the financial interests of the military industrial complex. One purpose of war events is to cloud and cover up illegal and improper acts.

The Empire is now using psy ops, false flags, public poisons, and economic collapse to set us up for chaos, genocide and Agenda 21. Through it all, war or the threat of war is a constant condition.

For most of us, what we think is reality is actually a combination of normalcy bias, myth, propaganda and psy op. We are living in a giant mind control “psyence” experiment incorporating debt, drugs, distraction, deception, disturbance and distress.

To uncover true reality takes courage, dedication, awareness, intelligence, freedom, research, caring and love.

Holistic Living In Challenging Times

As we move into it rapidly, a long anticipated time of transformation is developing. Changes and disturbances are occurring and may become intense.

Holistic living is the key path for resolving the challenges of this era. Awareness of multiple dimensions of reality is essential for clearing issues of health, emotional disturbances, misunderstanding and conflict.

Holistic healing is mutually related with holistic loving. Loving awareness of what is really going on will clear the fear that the elite powers have manifested.

Understanding the New World Order with the power of loving awareness will spark a transformation in consciousness from deception, manipulation, torture and war, to caring, mutual support and improvement of the world.

Let us focus on healing and growth in awareness as we express our love and care for each other in this challenging time.

Love Is Our Power

The primary principle of life and spirituality is love, caring for one another as we ourselves want to be treated — The Golden Rule.

  • Forgiveness of self and others is a key factor in healing our stress and any illness. 
  • Cooperation rooted in love is a healthy basis for social organization and economics. 
  • Courage founded in love is unshakable.
  • Our power of love serves the whole world.

Sharing The Momentum

A peaceful awakening to the recognition of our precarious situation is underway. What are some ways to intro what is going on in the world to your friends?

Sharing one or two things at a time in a conversation, we can refer people to privately research issues such as Agenda 21 and Codex Alimentarius, which are programs of the United Nations that would limit our lives greatly.

Another approach is to send them a link to read about aspartame or fluoride, or if you think it would not be overwhelming, link them to PublicPoisons.com to consider all the poisons in our lives.

You could also point out the aerosols in the sky, as described at WhySprayTheSky.com.

If they are already aware to some degree, refer them to this article and suggest that they visit ActivistPost.com regularly to get more information.

Solutions can be developed by gathering people together to discuss strategies of survival and improving our world. Peaceful intentional action is needed right now to avoid a devastating engineered collapse of society.

Jon David Miller is a social analyst, wellness educator, philosopher and singer/songwriter. His education includes a Bachelor of Arts with honors in economics from Ohio University, a Master of Arts in religion and a Master of Divinity from Hartford Seminary, and 40 years of experience in wellness education, business, community organizations, social studies research and writing. Jon is the author of several books, including The New World Order Empire, and developer of several websites, such as www.SurviveTheChanges.com and www.ReallyWell.com, and has an internet radio program.

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