Why There Are No New Jobs In America

Digby Jones
Activist Post

This animated clip was released by Stansberry Media in early November 2012. It was created in the wake of President Obama’s infamous “you didn’t build that” speech from earlier that year, which many entrepreneurs took as a slap in the face and made a mockery of their hard work and dedication towards designing, building, and growing their businesses.

In this short video, financial publisher Porter Stansberry interprets President Obama’s comments about small business and follows Obama’s lead by creating an “offer” of partnership for start-up companies in the United States to evaluate. The entrepreneur is required to front all of the capital necessary to start and grow the business, while also taking all of the financial risks, and then pay a substantial cut of company profits to Uncle Sam (if the company is one of the lucky few which becomes wildly successful).

You will see why there are hardly any new full-time jobs becoming available in the United States. It is simply too risky to start a new business in a dire economic climate, while also having to satisfy a laundry list of regulations and financial obligations to big government at the local, state, and federal levels. The implementation of Obamacare is only going to make this situation much much worse for everyone, and we have seen a lot of the consequences already.

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