School Makes Example Out of Autistic Child: Bomb Drawing Results in “responsible removal”

Warning: Graphic Image

Kimberly Paxton
Activist Post

We can all rest a little easier as the crackdown continues on violence in schools.

The disturbingly graphic image above was met with an immediate and decisive response by Hillcrest Middle School. We at The Daily Sheeple decided to go ahead and publish this graphic image with the hope that we can help to avert this kind of crisis in the future. It’s important that the public see the terrifying threats with which our nation’s teachers must deal on a day-to-day basis.

Another young hooligan has been dealt with, this time in Greenville County, South Carolina. Parents there can heave a sigh of relief to know that the school is on top of things, keeping their kids safe. Drawings of cartoon bombs will NOT be tolerated in the schools there, and a young autistic boy has been suspended from school until the investigation of this mayhem is complete.

Amy Parham spoke with News 4’s Mandy Gaither on Tuesday. 

She said her son, Rhett, is autistic and goes to Hillcrest Middle School. 

Parham said Rhett drew a picture of a cartoon bomb from a video game he watches on YouTube called Bomberman 64. 

She said Rhett drew the picture at home and then took it to school and showed it to some older students. 

She said one of those students told school officials about the drawing and Rhett was suspended. 

Parham said when she got the call from the school about the incident she thought they were joking at first. (source)

Sadly, the call was no joke. A school spokesperson, Oby Lyles, said that “a threatening comment is made” the child is immediately suspended pending further investigation.

Young Rhett’s mother is shocked by the move, particularly in light of the fact that her son is autistic.

“I’m angry. I’m upset and I’m incredulous, honestly, that a child could come in and bring a drawing and that’s somehow perceived as a threat — especially someone with special needs who really doesn’t filter information the same way that typical children do.” She is even more upset because the school agreed that her son was not actually a threat.  “They actually reiterated to me they knew he was non-violent,” Parham told the station. “They knew he was not actually having a bomb, creating or making a bomb. But that they could not go with out making an example of him and take some type of action because they were worried about their perception.” (source)

The school has released a statement justifying their quick actions.

It is important and necessary to thoroughly investigate any threat to student safety, including a student’s intent. This is one of the most difficult judgments a school official must make. This investigation began when threatening comments were made, resulting in the responsible removal of the student from the school to ensure everyone’s safety while the incident and intent were assessed.

The school’s administration responded appropriately to the severity of this incident, investigated it fully, and acted in accord with applicable laws, policies and procedures.(source)

So, let this be a lesson – no quarter will be given to those with special needs. You don’t get to run around threatening and terrifying the other kids with cartoon drawings regardless of your differences. All thought crimes will be duly penalized, no matter who you are.

Kimberly Paxton is a staff writer for the Daily Sheeple where this first appeared. She is based out of upstate New York.

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