Even Mainstream Media Admits Common Core Is ‘Designed to Guide and Shape Human Behavior’

Melissa Melton
Activist Post

A recent Huffington Post article by President and founder of Ink Think Tank, Vicki Cobb, “Common Core State Standards, Rules and Art” begins with the following:

Policies, laws and now the Common Core State Standards are all sets of rules designed to guide and shape human behavior. These rules are implemented through institutions. How does an individual find one’s way through all these rules, regulations, and institutions to become an informed, self-reliant, productive citizen? [emphasis added]

While it seems like common sense, it’s the phrasing that is likely eluding many parents to the true intent of the common core: Policies, laws and now the Common Core State Standards…are designed to guide and shape human behavior.

The Common Core State Standards are currently being implemented in 45 states now, in addition to the District of Columbia and four U.S. territories.

As journalist Dave Hodges points out, the common core is ultimately about the destruction of America:

Common Core is a simply a regurgitation of Bloom’s Taxonomy combined with some very clever propaganda interwoven into the fabric of every course which embraces social justice, collectivism the eventual deindustrialization of America through the acceptance of climate change theories and the resulting carbon taxes and cap and trade policies which will follow. No teacher and no school board member was asked to contribute to the Common Core standards. Nor was any State Legislature involved in the creation of this monstrosity.

These standards are sold to the public as “state-led” but in reality, they were written by a total of five people.

Here’s an example of ten really terrible common core homework assignments that parents have posted online to give you an idea of the direction our nation is headed under this educational system. Of the first example given to first graders in Rhode Island, a parent wrote, “I went to elementary school in Poland during communism. This is exactly what I was forced to learn.”

In addition, billionaire Bill Gates is actually funding these standards to the tune of millions. With his big fat checkbook in hand, Gates is literally buying the U.S. education system sans any democratic process whatsoever. To assume that his interests won’t have a direct effect on what the children within that system are being taught when he essentially owns it is ludicrous wishful thinking at best.

So if the Common Core State Standards guide and shape human behavior, in essence, Bill Gates will be guiding and shaping the behavior of America’s youth.

Gates, FYI, espouses the virtues of GMO, vaccinating every child on Earth, abortion, death panels and man-made climate change and depopulation.

Melissa Melton is a writer, researcher, and analyst for The Daily Sheeple and a co-creator of Truthstream Media. Wake the flock up!

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