Condi Rice: ‘We Can’t Believe The Iranians Or Trust Them’

Digby Jones
Activist Post

Wow. Such agitating and unattractive words coming from a (suitably) agitating and unattractive woman. As the Iranian leadership is openly seeking more positive relations with the U.S., the former Secretary of State wants to spoil the party by claiming that you certainly cannot believe the Iranians or trust them, because they have ‘hidden’ their nuclear program for decades.

That’s odd, because Israel has possessed over a hundred nuclear weapons for decades, all while maintaining a ‘neither confirm nor deny’ policy regarding their existence. Yet the powers that be within the United States and British governments seem to place full trust in Israel, regardless of their frightfully ambiguous policies.

Even in recent years, Condi has continued to recycle the lies about the need to invade Iraq in 2003, which were long ago taken apart and debunked as one of the biggest fibs of the millennium thus far. She knows that she was completely wrong, but will never admit fault or change her way of thinking due to her haughty arrogance and pride.

This Iraq War chickenhawk deserves no say in current events. Absolutely no one so devoid of integrity, morals, remorse, and strategic thinking skills should be presented or listened to by serious people anywhere. Stop calling her for interviews. Stop taking her calls. Stop letting her appear on camera. Stop publishing her editorials. Because she’s wrong about EVERYTHING.

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