Defense Distributed Plans to Make Bitcoins Completely Anonymous

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The inventor of the 3D-printed gun, Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed, is now raising money for a new crypto-anarchist venture that will help people anywhere in the world keep their wealth and finances private.

The project is called Dark Wallet, an anonymous easy-to-use Bitcoin wallet. The wallet will be a discreet browser plugin for Chrome or Firefox that will make the public Bitcoin log less traceable.

Bitcoin, a digital cryptocurrency, is already likened to digital cash because of its quasi-anonymity. When you pay for something in cash you don’t typically show ID verifying who you are, but the store will have some metadata on you (what you look like, how tall you are, etc.).  While names may never be a used in a Bitcoin transaction, certain metadata is traceable through an open source log which could lead to identifying the user. Dark Wallet would eliminate the reliability of the public metadata.

Forbes wrote that “Dark Wallet would go further towards making Bitcoin a truly untraceable form of digital cash.” This is because Dark Wallet will enable a “trustless mixing” of bitcoins making it nearly impossible for the public Bitcoin log to accurately trace transactions.

Wilson started his successful 3D-printed gun project through crowdfunding and donations which were eventually blocked by traditional funding avenues due to pressure from authorities. That is when Wilson learned about the benefits and potential of Bitcoin to free individuals from the clutches of the money cartel.

Wilson released all of his 3D gun designs on the Internet for free to empower individuals with information and an inexpensive form of self defense. It seems this project shares the same theme of empowering individuals against an increasingly controlling and wealth-extracting financial system.

“We love Bitcoin and the way it empowers and reorients individual and community commerce. Dark Wallet as a project will serve as a platform or starting codebase for delivery of a high quality Bitcoin wallet that serves The People over enterprise and government interests,” reads their IndieGoGo page.

It is likely that the good many Bitcoin entrepreneurs who are petitioning the government for “smart regulations” to bring Bitcoin into mainstream financial markets will oppose this development because governments want more information disclosure, not more privacy.  In short, they’ll probably try in vain to prevent this wallet from seeing the light of day.

Besides Wilson, the Dark Wallet founders are made up of some influential names in Bitcoin development including UK developer of Libbitcoin Amir Taaki, Vitalik Buterin – author of Pybitcointools and technical writer for Bitcoin Magazine and others.

Support this cutting-edge effort to bring financial privacy to everyone on the planet by donating at the IndieGoGo campaign.  Of course, you can also donate with Bitcoin to this address.

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