Being Fearless

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Jon David Miller
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Doubt and Fear

Who knows what’s next? Who knows for sure what is going to happen tomorrow? This afternoon? Two minutes from now?

We have all experienced unexpected events, shocks and disappointments. From the experience of unfulfilled desire or a change of expectation, a sense of doubt may develop.

Partly because of the uncertainty of what will happen in the future, we harbor a doubt that it will turn out how we would like it to be. You would like a situation or condition to be a certain way, but doubt that it can be that way.

Doubt is built-in to the common mindset, and it is transmitted from generation to generation in how we communicate with one another.

Whose parents did not foster some doubt in the process of childrearing? Maybe parents try to keep the “problems” of life from bothering their children, but the concern and worry are embedded in language, thought and behavior, so that it is inevitable that the children get the doubt.

Doubt is the precondition for chronic fear. The genuine acute fear of a threatening circumstance has a natural purpose. If facing a wild animal capable of killing you, fear enhances your awareness and fight or flight capabilities. However, chronic fear is debilitating. It becomes an impediment to keen perception and excellent performance.

Associated with doubt and chronic fear are various attitudes that diminish success: hesitation, ignorant skepticism and withholding of attention. At its worst, this becomes a lack of acceptance, false certainty and possibly persecution of others.

Doubt, fear and skepticism are predominant in today’s culture of stressful overwhelm.

For several years we have been facing several threats, including major disasters: economic collapse, social chaos, chemtrails and other public poisons, geophysical changes, storms, floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, nuclear radiationpandemic, electro magnetic pulse (EMP), power grid shutdown, martial law, tyranny, false flags and other psyopsmind control and genocide.

Among those who have been willing to consider these issues, who wouldn’t have some doubt and fear?

The Powerful Thrive On Fear

It is said that fear in the mass consciousness is a powerful food for the elite controllers. Further, fear is used to manipulate people to seek help to counter that which they are caused to fear.

Using the Hegelian dialectic of problem-reaction-solution, the elite controllers have guided the masses to accept incremental erosion of freedom and increasing tyranny. They have orchestrated this using subtle and indirect methods, including debt, ideologies, predictive mind control entertainment and security threats, as well as major direct actions such as false flag disasters and war.

Highly publicized, unexpected celebrity deaths, and disasters that produce mass deaths or displacements, are thought to be particularly to their liking.

As demented as it sounds, if there is a guiding involvement of the hidden controllers in such a calamity, they may derive more of a power boost from it. They may even get a buzz from it if some more aware people simply suspect and worry that these powers may be behind a disturbance.

They seem to plan and predict a lot of trouble, possibly for that reason, but through the coverage by their controlled media, they have the masses convinced that it was random rogue terrorists or some violent crazy person that was responsible for each disaster event.

Any negative condition that can produce upset in people, such as financial difficulty, power outage, starvation, illness, pain, war, deaths, etc., or the threat of such a possibility, can serve the elites’ bizarre thirst for victims, if those affected let the situation generate distress.

Still, a common understanding of fear is “False Evidence Appearing Real”. Much of what goes on in this world is not as it seems.


What is there to be afraid of in reality? Imprisonment, torture, death?

Woody Allen has said, “I’m not afraid of death; I just don’t want to be there when it happens!”

Some people choose the time of their passing. For others, death may come through an accident, violence or a sudden emergency health failure. Death happens! Almost everyone in the history of the world before 1900 has experienced it.

Everyone knows someone who has “passed on”. What do you think about where they go or what they do after death?

Some religions teach about a permanent afterlife, either a pleasant heaven in the presence of God, or an awful hell with evil entities. Many think they have lived one or more lives before this one, and will probably live more of them after — “reincarnation”.

On the other hand, some agnostics and most atheists think that afterlife scenarios are a myth that people adopt to take the anxiety out of considering the termination of a personality.

Life is a matter of death! Life is intimately related with death. In nature, plants and animals are born and die in an ongoing process.

In every moment, individual consciousness is being born AND simultaneously dying as the moment expires. The mind focuses on memories of some things and shoves others into some type of archives that may or may not ever be opened again. Yet the greater collective consciousness and life itself continues.


Only the present exists as a point of conscious awareness. The past is whatever research indicates or the memory portrays and the mind determines. The future is a fantasy projection based on past experiences and creative thinking.

Yet the past has a reflected existence in a present moment memory. And the future can exist to a degree in the present as a plan that we will enact, although it may not come to be exactly as foreseen.

A memory of the past is just as real to the brain as a present observation, so the past is actually as real as a present activation of memory. But are memories dependable? People remember the same event differently. What about those with Alzheimer’s? Memory is, at least in part, like a physical filing cabinet in the brain, but it is subject to interpretation if it is drawn out, as with any thought.


What about the reality of the physical world?

Einstein’s equation, E = mc2, was a revelation for smarter living that has yet to be understood by most of us. Energy is matter raised to a high frequency; or put another way, matter is slowed down energy.

And the law of the conservation of energy – that energy is never lost, as it simply changes form – is one of science’s primary laws, the first law of thermodynamics.

Are you aware that an atom is made up almost entirely of space? At the sub-atomic level, matter is made up of mostly nothing – just light waves in this space — that happen to appear as particles when we look at them. These subatomic waves are pulsing, possibly in more than one “reality”.

That’s right, physics has determined that there may actually be alternate realities occurring simultaneously in a space that is internally as vast as the universe apparently outside of us.


Thus our personal reality is very susceptible to being guided by our own intention, or by manipulation by those who have developed methods of mind control.

By changing habits of thought and behavior by our intention and action, we can change our attitude and ultimately, our very “neuro-net” – the receptors on our cells. Thus cellular memory can change, and we can move on to new vistas of health and exploration in the physical and beyond.

Even with the death of an individual, consciousness continues. Since the appearance of separation is only an appearance, not reality, we will not have gone anywhere. It’s just that at a certain point our physical form, after changing all of our lives, will be now dropped for recycling while consciousness moves on to tend to other things.

Most of what people assume is a problem regarding death is because of ego. The ego is an organizing function for consciousness that wants itself to continue. It forms the habit of getting organized, and it wants to continue organizing, perhaps even when it no longer has to arrange for physical needs.

The ego is what expands the use of fear beyond urgent life-threatening challenges to chronic restriction of full insightful living. Fear and its related emotions are tools the ego uses for self preservation.

The powers-that-be realize that the manipulation of the individual ego through a combination of intelligence reduction by chemicals and frequencies, major fear events, threat and intimidation, will prompt the fear that retards awareness and action.

Ultimately, we can and will move beyond ego – the sense of separate self, which is not reality. And beyond the habits that limit our cells’ ability to function. We can change our reality, starting with a change in our attitude from doubt and fear to forgiveness and love.

Protection from harmful toxic influences and an improvement in nutrition are important as well.

Before long, the cells start to change and we develop a new neuro-net.

This is a process that can overcome doubt, fear, stress, illness and disease, darkness, evil, and maybe even death!

Transformation In The Face Of Challenge

We must consider what is happening from a unified view beyond manipulated polarities to understand it.

Consider the dark as unrecognized, un-requested light, and evil as unrecognized, unappreciated good. Through love and understanding we can bring about a transformation of dark to light and evil to good.

There is a threat and real danger of a coordinated worldwide attempt at mass control, in addition to economic problems and social changes planned and enacted by a small group of powerful people at the top of a global system of interwoven corporations and governments. Significant political, military and planetary changes seem to be unfolding that could alter life as we know it.

This period may be one of the most challenging times in human history.

These are all signals of a huge drama underway in collective consciousness. This drama has developed and unfolded over many centuries, but it has now reached a climactic point. In the process, we face significant challenges, personal upheavals and many may leave physical life.

Life is in the process of being transformed. Yet this situation is not something to fear.

The drama is about a choice between the well-established mode of thinking and acting from polarity out of separation, doubt and fear; OR releasing that limiting dualistic manner of operating, and expressing ourselves with the higher understanding of wholeness, awareness and love.

We need to recognize what has happened, and what is currently happening in consciousness. Then with a continuing improvement in consciousness nurtured by those of us who are growing in awareness and giving regular attention to forgiveness and love, the powerful elite themselves will eventually be transformed along with everybody else.

The Earth is already undergoing a major transformation to higher awareness, which will affect all of the population. It is obvious to those already engaged with expanding awareness.

How do we prepare for whatever changes may come? How do we proceed to expand awareness to change the undesirable trends that have been set in motion? How do we get others involved around the globe to move consciousness to a new higher level of understanding, and a better life on Earth for everyone?

Move beyond doubt. Be fearless. No matter what serious changes occur, conscious living will go on. Growth and improvement in awareness will continue to manifest. A greater understanding and appreciation of a profound experience of life will result.

Jon David Miller is a social analyst, wellness educator, philosopher and singer/songwriter. His education includes a Bachelor of Arts with honors in economics from Ohio University, a Master of Arts in religion and a Master of Divinity from Hartford Seminary, and 40 years of experience in wellness education, business, community organizations, social studies research and writing. Jon is the author of several books, including The New World Order Empire, and developer of several websites, such as and

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