A Filmmaker’s Update on the Hogwash in Michigan

Kyle Miron

Here in Michigan the sound of a domestically raised free-range pig is fading away forever.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources and the state government continue to enforce their bewildering order to depopulate all pigs deemed “feral”; defined not by pigs in the wild but by certain ambiguous characteristics. My crew and I have been documenting this foolishness; in the last 18 months we have logged over 200 hours of footage on farms and in court rooms and we remain committed and mystified by this bizarre order. 100’s of pigs have been needlessly slaughtered and many of small family farms destroyed.

HOGWASH: THE AMERICAN PIG TALE from Kyle Ray Miron on Vimeo.

Mark Baker has become the spokesperson, the only one standing up to this injustice. My camera and I have had many heartfelt conversations with Mark. I’ve shared many meals with his family and it has been uplifting knowing them. Their perseverance to defend their constitutional rights and to continue farming each day despite potential fines showcases the very essence of the strong-willed American spirit. As Mark and his family are preparing for winter it is with the threat of losing their livelihood.

Hundreds of citizens have donated what they could to the Baker family. Americans have called and written to Governor Rick Snyder voicing their concerns that this order violates their constitutional rights and should be revoked. The Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund has been with Mark every step of the way.

Mark has done a fantastic job updating the public with his well-spoken and tactful commentary painting a heart wrenching and mystifying picture of the conflict. This historic tale needs to be documented and followed.

We are raising funds to continue to track this story. Such a vindictive law smacks of corruption and foul play. The story needs to be told and funds need to be raised to tell it.

We are asking for contributions to help underwrite the expenses associated with documenting and fighting this injustice. We hope you can help.



Kyle Miron
Frontiersmen Media

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