UK’s Biggest Welfare Queen Was at Her Summer Castle During Palace Incident

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As class warriors continue to rage against tax-cheating corporations (who actually produce things), they seem to be missing the obvious target for their fury.

This sentence appeared in a Reuters article today about a break in at Buckingham Palace:

The queen was not in the palace at the time but in her castle in Balmoral, Scotland.

Yes, her humble abode where she likes to take in her summers.

Queen’s castle (Balmoral, Scotland)

Isn’t it odd that we still do this “royalty” thing in the 21st Century? Who pays to cut that pristine pitch of grass?

I know many of you may think the welfare queen sustains herself by sucking the blood from unsuspecting peasants under her realm, but you’d be wrong. She has meticulously maintained organic GMO-free gardens that feed her:

Balmoral Castle Gardens

Here’s a nostalgic video for those that want to know more about the obscene luxury having pure blue blood affords you.

Although the welfare queen is not allowed to impose new taxes to pay for her “private” summer castle, it’s fairly well understood that the public pays for it even though it remains a state secret.

Daily Mail pointed this out in 2011 referring to a limited release of documents just showing the EU’s portion of subsidies:

The Queen was paid more than £224,000 in EU subsidies for her Windsor farm estate last year, according to figures obtained by The Mail on Sunday.

Details of the payments, released under the Freedom of Information Act, raise questions about the country’s richest landowners benefiting from grants under the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

The subsidy for the 500-acre dairy and cereal farm, which was founded by Queen Victoria’s husband Prince Albert, has increased by almost £40,000 since 2009. 

Similar amounts are thought to have been paid to the Monarch to support her estates in Sandringham and Balmoral, but the Government refused to release this information.

Yes – that’s right – the richest person and largest land owner in the world continues to suck at the public’s teat and refuses to release information about it — all to maintain a fairy tale myth.

If her subjects want to know why austerity is happening, they should stop pointing the finger at Apple and Google for not wanting to pay outrageous mafia taxes while they create something useful for modern society.

Don’t you think it’s time to break your royal trance and enter the 21st Century?

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