The Launch of The Conscious Resistance

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Have you noticed that even among those who are “awake”, or aware there is a tendency to focus on the negative, fear based aspects of the information war? Have you found yourself wondering, “Well, I know the problems, What can I do about it?”

If so, then take a moment to consider investing in the launch of a new media platform.

The Conscious Resistance is that moment you realize that real resistance to tyranny and oppression is not only in the physical world but in the internal, spiritual world as well. The Conscious Resistance is that moment you have decided to let go of fear and begin creating solutions in your life. The Conscious Resistance is also the name of the upcoming live internet video program that will be hosted by activist Derrick Broze.

Derrick is the founding member of the Houston Free Thinkers, former co-host of Adam Vs. The Man, a gardener, community organizer and the main force behind the Conscious Resistance.

The Conscious Resistance was originally a radio show but will now relaunch as a video program with the eventual goal to have TCR be a brand new media platform with a number of writers, contributors and hosts focusing on solutions, gardens, music, art, culture, news, anarchy and liberty. If this is something you would be interested in seeing please consider investing or sharing the IndieGogo campaign.

A message from Derrick:

Activist Derrick Broze

“As a full time activist and an independent journalist of 4 years I have come to believe a new, positive, solutions focused approach is necessary. Every time I communicate with someone about the projects and alternatives being created they are inspired to take action themselves. This is what I want to convey with the creation of this show. I do not want to be another talking head but rather transmit my methods of action to those who are looking for real world application of the ideas of freedom, self-rule, community, and sustainable balance living!”

If You Can See This: You Are The Resistance! Thanks for your help!

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