New Device Uses Your Heartbeat As An Electronic Key

Kevin Samson
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The move to give everyone a unique ID that can be verified across nearly all human activity has been in the works for some time. Naturally, the fear of identity theft and cyber-banking crime of all stripes has been the sales pitch to accept identity tech such as facial recognition, iris scans, and fingerprinting, as well as their attendant databases.

Digital sign-in services, smart cards and a range of biometrics have all been offered as perfect solutions that are starting to enter the market at many levels. Moreover, there is an ongoing cooperative effort between global banks and corporations to ensure that there will be standardized, centralized entry into the consumer/internet/banking matrix of the future. Couple this with the hackable “Internet of Things” which are entering our homes whether we approve or not and we are finding ourselves at the threshold of a very new reality.

Capitalizing on the holes in security that we continue to see revealed in our “smart” devices — as well as seeking to find a solution for all of those pesky passwords each of us must deal with — tech startup, Bionym, offers its solution. Their proposed $79 bracelet uses your unique heartbeat signature to unlock smart devices, access ATMs, engage online activity, and permit access to any location using a reader (shown in the video below). The company claims that its system is more accurate than facial recognition.

However, as one commenter points out:

So what happens if my heart-rate suddenly increases? Does that mean I can’t unlock anything?

Imagine a senior citizen using this, now imagine them having a heart attack and trying to unlock their phone to call for help but the phone won’t unlock because their ECG patterns are way off.

That’s one reasonable concern among many as we are continuously pushed to buy into our own digital slavery – literally selling our bodies to tech companies who seem content to open doors that can lead to uncertain consequences.


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