Congressman Promises to Hold Chemtrail Hearing

Melissa Melton
Activist Post

Representative Kerry Bentivolio (R-MI) has recently promised to hold a hearing to investigate whether or not there is a secret program to spray a chemical soup of heavy metals and other toxins — better known as ‘chemtrails’ — into the skies above America without disclosure to the American people.

While an airplane contrail fades and disappears behind the plane after just a few minutes, chemtrails do not disappear like the typical vapor trails do. Instead, chemtrails, typically found to contain heavy metals such as barium and aluminum, spread out and hang in the air for hours before settling as a murky haze on the horizon. Many people have attributed illnesses, including everything from asthma to Morgellons disease, to the chemtrail phenomenon.

While fellow Republicans have dubbed Rep. Bentivolio ‘Krazy Kerry’ for telling his constituents he will call meetings such as this one, Bentivolio made the promise at an Aug. 21 town hall:

“We’ll bring in some Air Force folks right here in our district. We can have an oversight reform committee hearing right here and we’ll investigate,” said Bentivolio in response to an audience question. “I’d like to find out about it too.”

According to the online publication Deadline Detroit, “Chemtrails, like FEMA is building concentration camps, vaccines cause autism, juice boxes make you gay, and 9/11 was a government plot, is one of those paranoid claims that can be believed only if you’re an idiot”.  Deadline Detroit writer Jeff Wattrick expounds on his astute observations:

The chemtrail theory, for those of you who don’t speak crazy, asserts that some nefarious force (the government, the Trilaterial Commission, the Bildeberger Group, the communists, the bankers, corporate interests, or possibly all of them together) have spiked jet plane contrails — airplane exhaust, in lay terms — with chemicals designed to do, well, something. And it’s bad. Scientists have thoroughly and repeatedly debunked this theory, but it persists because maybe all the scientists are part of the conspiracy. Of course, they are.

Opinions aside, scientists all across the globe have openly and repeatedly called for aerosols to be sprayed in the air under the guise of geoengineering — a supposed plan to save the Earth from anthropogenic global warming.

According to Reuters, “Geo-engineering options include adding sun-reflecting chemicals to the upper atmosphere to mimic the effect of big volcanic eruptions that mask the sun.” A study published in the journal Environmental Research Letters last year found, “The development of new, specialized aircraft appeared to be the cheapest option” to deliver a million tonnes of sunlight-dimming sulfates into the upper atmosphere for roughly $5 billion a year. Billionaire Bill Gates is even financially backing his own geoengineering initiatives and lobbying for wide-scale geoengineering projects.

Further, a 2008 KSLA news investigation revealed heavy metals detected in high altitude chemtrails included lead, barium and arsenic among other potentially toxic substances; KSLA found test samples included more than six times the toxic level of Barium than what has been set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

In other words, the idea of using planes to spray heavy metals and chemicals into the air to manipulate the weather is not fiction or a conspiracy theory. In fact, the U.S. government has been working on weather manipulation with cloud seeding since at least the early ’60s with Project Stormfury. More recently, the Central Intelligence Agency signed to the tune of $630,000 for a geoengineering study that would include, “solar radiation management — a fancy term for pumping particles into the stratosphere to reflect incoming sunlight away from the planet.”

It looks like ‘Krazy Kerry’ isn’t so crazy after all.

To say geoengineering is a conspiracy theory is just silly at this point considering the overwhelming evidence this is already going on over our heads as we speak. None of us are being told where and when it is happening, nor are the full health risks of tinkering with our environment and the air we breathe being divulged to us even though we have every right to know.

Melissa Melton is a writer, researcher, and analyst for The Daily Sheeple and a co-creator of Truthstream Media. Wake the flock up!

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