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Julie Beal
Activist Post

She told me her name was ‘Silly Knee’ – it was just a joke, it made me smile, and I’ll always remember her. More than that, I’ll forever be sending my thoughts her way, and to her son, so that they may be together some day.

She told me her story, then; thick and fast she told me and within minutes I was hugging her and my eyes were slick with sorrow. The same old tug of ‘sorry for you’ and ‘sorry for me’ cos I know a little bit how she feels. Just a little. She’s been through so much worse, though, it made me ashamed of myself. It made me pull myself together. Thank you Silly Knee.

I realised I wasn’t trying hard enough, or in the wrong direction … something. One thing’s for sure, I was taking my kids for granted, just a little.

Her story is one of many, many, many. All told, these stories tell us something of the world, the turn it’s taking. Her son, you see, was taken from her, and she can’t get him back. Other mothers and fathers are saying the same thing – they want their kids back, but ‘social services’ won’t let them.

The Power of the State looms large in our face with such tales. My heart bleeds for families ripped and kept asunder by bureaucratic care-nots, because family is precious and we should not be made afraid of the State.

But that’s how it is for many people now. We’re actually afraid of the faceless Big B. I am, and I’m not afraid to admit it. It’s the fear, and the anger, that turned me into a ‘citizen journalist’ – the fear of being chipped, or my children being chipped. The fear they will be taken from me and forcibly vaccinated. The fear of the NWO I’ve discovered – chips for life/ID, and natural capital accounting/Agenda 21 ‘communities’ .

Well now, if you’ve come to Activist Post you probably have similar opinions to myself. You’re one of those people who dared to look, dared to think, and one of the people who care. There aren’t, it seems, too many of us, because the stories people could tell are not being told. Litigation, and the MSM, prevents them.

Also, most people just don’t want to know. As long as they’re being entertained, and their lives continue, they don’t want to hear or think about the bad stuff. They want to forget about the wars and the lies and the children suffering. Hands over ears and hum a tune till it’s over.

‘This is not happening, this is not happening, this is not happening…… what’s for tea?’

Turn on the TV.

Meanwhile, here we are shouting ‘Fire!!!!!’, and hardly anyone’s listening. The sound of all their collective humming drowns us out. Effectively, articles like mine, added to all the rest, amounts to a bunch of activists standing in a corner chatting furiously about all the bad stuff we’ve found out.

‘Hey! Did you hear about….???’ … ‘Oooh, I know, I heard about that…. It’s just awful what they’re doing to us!!!’

The presenters on Russia Today often have smiles on their faces when delivering news of our enslavement. All in a day’s work.

When I write about global smart ID, I cry.

So what’s it all for? We’ve been at this for years now. I don’t want to die while it’s this way. I want to make a difference. Bet you do too.

But what else can you do but rant along with me in the corner? (then go to bed and get up and do it all over again)

Hmm, yes I’m stuck there too. But I’ve a few ideas. It seems to me, you see, that we have the most power right now. The developed world is being brought to its knees to usher in the ‘new system’, which means it is undergoing ‘The Great Transformation’[1], and which also means the powers-that-be are at their weakest. The time to strike is now.

Not rioting, because that would play straight into their hands. But we still have a lot of power on the Internet that future folk won’t have if we don’t act NOW.

This is the Phase Transition. The tipping point.

Think of it as deflecting bad chi. Hold up your hands and gently bounce it back at them. No malice, just calmly bounced back, where it belongs. Let the bad energy feed on itself, and keep on believing in the goodness of US.

Feel joy and gladness you have been honoured with this chance, to help the future generations.

Together we make a difference, by what we say and what we do.

The singular key to enslavement is the smart phone. Sounds ever so trite but it’s true. This is where it really starts.

Once all things are digitised (including your level of well-being/your price tag) the power moves to the secure element. That’s the teeny weeny microSD which will hold your identity. The key to your home, your car, to life itself.

The smart phone is also a personal spying device, as the microphone and camera can be activated from afar, and because it reveals your identity profile. Perhaps you own one?

We also need some kind of cash to protect our anonymity and therefore our freedom. The success of Bitcoin and community currencies has led to wide support for totally digital money – seems to me people have forgotten their roots, cos we’ve always said that’s what would happen, and that we would be a cashless society.

Other than that it may be down to matrix tactics: exploiting the channels left open to us still, such as business and political forums (not alternative media sites!!!), stickers on cars, T-shirts, leaflets, meetings, demos, tweets. Not for yourself, but for those who don’t listen.

Make them listen. Be louder than their hum.

My hopes and prayers are also with the People’s Voice – for it’s our voice the elite have robbed from us, our voice which can fix things. Our chance to speak, sing, joke, and dance the things we need to say. Our chance to tell our stories, and to focus together for a new transition.

Shine bright!


[1] ‘The Great Transformation’ was the title of last year’s World Economic Forum, and, as can be seen in the video, this is part of a scripted strategy which seems to me to stem from George Soros and the Club of Rome. When they say ‘clean energy’ they mean mass GM monocultures, and when they talk about ‘social responsibility’ for business, remember that will also apply to individuals. The buck is being passed.

Julie Beal is a UK-based independent researcher who has been studying the globalist agenda for more than 20 years. Please visit her website, Get Mind Smart, for a wide range of information about Agenda 21, Communitarianism, Ethics, Bioscience, and much more.

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