Veterans For Peace, Alex Jones – Impeach Obama


In response to the article Timeline to Veterans For Peace’s Vote to Impeach Obama (2009-2013), Phil Restino of the Central Florida chapter of Veterans For Peace was invited to join Alex Jones live to discuss the charges contained in the article. The primary charge being that the national leadership of Veterans For Peace for the past 2+ years since the organization passed at its 2011 national convention a resolution directing Congress to immediately begin impeachment proceedings against President Obama for war crimes has refused to send an official letter to Congress directing them to do so. The national leadership of Veterans For Peace in that time also has done nothing to alert the public to the 2011 impeachment resolution passed by its rank and file membership at the national level at its national convention in 2011, or of the rank and file of Veterans For Peace reaffirming its call for impeaching Obama at its 2012 national convention by defeating by an even wider margin a 2012 resolution introduced to rescind the 2011 impeachment resolution.

Alex Jones and Phil Restino also discussed CFVFP chapter member Dr. Bob Bowman and his antiwar efforts, in particular his work to bring Americans from the so-called left together with their fellow Americans from the so-called right in a joint effort to stop the illegal and unconstitutional wars carried out abroad in the name of all Americans along with a joint effort to reverse the tyrannical police state we as Americans face here at home. Bob Bowman’s article from July of 2010 entitled Left and Right Together, was mentioned along with the July 2009 in-studio interview that Alex Jones did with Bob Bowman entitled America Is Artificially Divided.

Lastly, the fact that just after President Obama ordered on his own without any authorization from the U.S. Congress his own “shock and awe” bombing of Libya on March 19, 2011 there were calls for impeaching Obama for that illegal attack on Libya from pundits on both the left and right, members of Congress on both the left and right, high-profile attorneys from both the left and right … yet the national leadership from all the antiwar organizations stayed mute regarding any calls for impeachment for that blatant war of aggression. See the June 2011 article Impeach now or forever hold up peace.

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