2,000 Foxconn Workers Riot in China

Andrew Pontbriand

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About 2,000 Chinese workers levied a riot at the notorious Foxconn Factory in Taiyuan. This is the factory that produces iPhones, as well as other electronics for the world’s electronic companies. Foxconn employs over 79,000 people, and has been exposed of its poor working conditions and suicide nets, due to 9 workers committing suicide in one month back in 2010.

The authorities sent over 5,000 police, in full riot gear and batons, using orders from loud speakers to quell the ensuing riots. Officials from the Foxconn Taiwanese Headquarters said preliminary investigations point to a dispute among workers that erupted into a mass brawl.

However, many tweets and posts online point to the contrary, with workers saying guards in the factory incited violence, and started beating up the workers.

So far, reports say that about 40 people have been injured, with 3 of those injuries being critical. There were also a number of people arrested.

This incident is a testament to inequality that exists among much of the world’s population, and a testament to multinational corporations exploiting the labor of impoverished nations. While Americans enjoy their freedom, even as they may be losing them, the people that assemble the First World’s toys, gizmos and gadgets enjoy none of these benefits and do it to barely provide for their families.

The Foxconn Plant could be closed for several days while the investigation is under way, and damages are repaired.

Reuters – Foxconn China plant closed after 2,000 riot

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