Star Wars “Revenge Of The Sith” Meets The NSA Scandal

Digby Jones
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Does anybody remember Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith? It was the final chapter of George Lucas’ admittedly underwhelming prequel trilogy, which became somewhat infamous back in the summer of 2005 for having dialogue and themes which closely paralleled the policies of the Bush Administration, and for being a subliminal left-wing critique of the American Empire in general.

Several scenes drew laughs and jokes as they were first uttered on the big screen. One of the most memorable was a confrontational scene between Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, in which Anakin gives his former master the harsh ultimatum “if you are not with me, then you are my enemy,” a line which was a direct reference to Bush’s post-September 11 threat to all countries of the world “Either you are with us, or you are with the enemy.”

Now, eight years later in the year 2013, Revenge of the Sith brings to light (or shall I say the dark side?) yet another parallel to the modern politics of the Obama Administration and the Edward Snowden / NSA scandal.

To refresh your memory, in this film the primary antagonist is Senator Palpatine (who is really Darth Sidious), a man who manipulates the Senate and enlists the Jedi Council’s patriotism to “defend” the Republic against a “separatist” army that he secretly directs. The purpose of these false-flag orchestrated wars is to erode liberty in the Republic in the name of “security” (wink wink). The naïve Jedi (let’s just call them fine upstanding citizens) catch on too late and are decimated. The Republic falls and the galaxy (Earth) is then ruled under the iron fist of the Empire, who presumably installs pro-imperial puppet regimes in other planets (countries) and subjugates their citizens to a life of poverty and toil, while their resources are plundered all in the name of “spreading democracy”.

That’s a bad, bad America! I mean…..”Empire”. That’s a bad, bad, Empire!

In any case, both Bush’s and Obama’s “war against terrorism” is no less orchestrated than Palpatine’s war and has led to the same result: a society dominated by security concerns. In this scene, the current Edward Snowden / NSA scandal is brought to life in Star Wars, but you have to imagine the following character changes. (Palpatine = U.S. Citizens;  Anakin Skywalker = Edward Snowden;  Jedi Council = NSA.)

Listen carefully and you will see the creepy resemblance. On a final note this is not intended to demean Mr. Snowden in any way, he is a true hero of OUR Republic for bringing to light this important issue.

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