Michael Hastings feared driving his car day before his death

Paul Lawrance
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The day before Michael Hastings suspicious car accident he had asked to borrow a friend’s vehicle because he was “scared” to operate his own.

The latest revelation to ignite further questioning of the dubious fatal car accident that took the life of investigative journalist Michael Hastings comes in a LA Weekly interview with a former neighbor of his.

Jordan Thigpen, who had gotten to know Hastings very closely as they rented from the same landlord, claims that, “He was scared, and he wanted to leave town.”

LA Weekly News Reports:

His behavior grew increasingly erratic. Helicopters often circle over the hills, but Hastings believed there were more of them around whenever he was at home, keeping an eye on him. He came to believe his Mercedes was being tampered with. “Nothing I could say could console him,” Thigpen says. 

One night in June, he came to Thigpen’s apartment after midnight and urgently asked to borrow her Volvo. He said he was afraid to drive his own car. She declined, telling him her car was having mechanical problems. 

“He was scared, and he wanted to leave town,” she says. 

The next day, around 11:15 a.m., she got a call from her landlord, who told her Hastings had died early that morning. His car had crashed into a palm tree at 75 mph and exploded in a ball of fire.

When connecting Thigpen’s account with other reports that raise suspicion of foul play in Hastings’ death, it seems more and more plausible that the former Rolling Stone writer was deliberately targeted.

According to the journalist’s widow, at the time of his death he had been working on a exposé of former CIA director John Brennan.

A recent disclosure of Hastings’ autopsy showed that small amounts of methamphetamine and marijuana were in his blood at the time of the crash, but unlikely a factor in his death.

As time passes, more questions arise surrounding Michael Hastings’ death. Trends are leaning toward further reasonable disclosure of foul play.

Paul Lawrance writes for Eyes Open Report, where this first appeared.

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