Chemtrails – Origins and Implications

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Michael T. Winter
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Thanks to the internet reformation, chemtrails are now common knowledge, with only the most obtuse among us in denial. The proof, after all, is found not only in scientific treatises or articles on the web by unknowns such as this writer, but easily discerned by simply looking up into the sky on almost any given day. Google Images will provide hundreds of pictures of chemtrails from all over the world. As a visitor of ‘truther’ sites, you, the reader, no doubt are already well aware of them and require little to no convincing as to the veracity of their existence.

There is a vast and ever growing body of knowledge concerning chemtrails found in the written word, pictures, videos and testimonials; from ordinary citizens to global household names. The common denominator of this growing body of data is that chemtrails are dangerous to all life on earth. This short article will attempt to explain, in relatable terms, how they came about, exactly what they are, why they are being sprayed across our skies, and how they will impact our future as a species.

Simplistically, chemtrails are (as most things in life are the manifestation of a need or desire) the result, or answer to an unsolved dilemma; whether real or perceived. In 1971, MIT published a paper called “Inadvertent Climate Modification: Report of the Study of Man’s Impact on Climate” 1. and the game was on. This term, ‘Inadvertent Climate Modification’ lasted only four years, until geochemist Wallace Broecker of Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory published a paper in 1975, for the first time utilizing a term we are now oh so familiar with; “Global Warming”. 2. 

Unless one has resided in a cave or on a desert island for the last forty years, this is a very familiar buzz word. The debate of whether global warming is a process occurring as a result of the industrial revolution, or is a natural cycle of our planet is of no concern to this discourse. One could compare two people arguing as to who left the kerosene lantern in the barn whilst it is burning to the ground…the issue to address is putting out the fire, not ascertaining the triviality of how the barn came to burn.

The genesis for the creation of chemtrails grew from a desire to address the issue of global warming, as perceived by two US scientists working out of Lawrence Livermore Labs, David Chang and I-Fu Shih. In March, 1991, Chang and Shih applied for a patent on “Stratospheric Welsbach Seeding for Reduction of Global Warming”. 3. Welsbach Particles are the nuts and bolts of chemtrails; the flour in the cake. They are metal oxides which convert the warmth that is prevented by the greenhouse gases from escaping from the earth’s atmosphere, into infrared waves. These waves are then abducted into space, resulting in the desired cooling effect. For these two scientists, this was a noble scientific endeavor, at least on the surface. It is important to note that one cannot automatically consider Chang and Shih to be the creative evil geniuses behind chemtrails, no more than one can condemn Dr. Viktor Frankenstein for creating what we know as Frankenstein’s Monster. The good Doctor said, “….I might in process of time…renew life where death had apparently devoted the body to corruption.”4. Good intentions, we can agree. Unfortunately for Chang and Shih they did not, unlike the wealthy Frankenstein, fund and operate their own lab; but owed their discovery and subsequent invention to the good graces and monies of Hughes Aerospace.

Just as the inventors of gears, pulleys and cantilevers created their fundamental devices with the best intentions of relieving the burdens of their fellow men, one can safely assume they would not have approved of The Spanish Inquisition’s co-opting the technology to devise inhumane contraptions based on their principles; the better to torture unbelievers and heretics (as defined by those Devil’s spawn). One can only hope these two scientists abhor the monster their invention has mutated into. Short of a direct question to them (and an admittedly suspect reply, given the nature of the implications of such honesty), no such answer will be forthcoming. (Unless you have some stones, you two! Cawllll me!)

The composition of chemtrails is surprisingly simple, even if the chain of events that said composition initiates is not. Chemtrails are comprised of three basic ingredients: powdered aluminum, barium salts and a synthetic carrier substance called polymer fibers. Nothing in science is so simple, and there are of course other ingredients, but these three comprise the primary elements of the recipe. Aluminum in any form has been directly linked to Alzheimer’s disease. This is indisputable. The second ingredient is barium salts. When the barium salt is dispersed into the atmosphere, it changes its composition to become barium oxide. This chemical composition is used to this very day as a coating for hot cathodes such as those found in cathode ray tubes. It also replaced lead oxide in the production of certain kinds of glass such as optical crown glass. 5. Wikipedia states, “Barium oxide is an irritant. If it contacts the skin or the eyes or is inhaled it causes pain and redness. However, it is more dangerous when ingested. It can cause nausea and diarrhea, muscle paralysis, cardiac arrhythmia, and can cause death. If ingested, medical attention should be sought immediately. Barium oxide should not be released environmentally; it is harmful to aquatic organisms”. (Emphasis added). The final ingredient in this deadly cocktail is polymer fibers, used prolifically in the carpet and textile industries. They are a synthetic fiber; essentially a form of plastic, which is well known to be petroleum based. It is further well known that petroleum based products are carcinogenic in nature.

So! When you look into the sky and see chemtrails, know at least two things: One – they are composed of ingredients deadly to humans, and Two – they are in the sky. Remember the old song Spinning Wheel? “What comes up…must come down…” See Newton and the apple. There are numerous documented soil and water tests confirming the existence of these ingredients in areas where chemtrails are sprayed. There is a veritable catalog of human ailments directly attributed to the absorption of chemtrail elements. Do the research.

There is another dangerous angle to chemtrails – one not readily expounded on.

If we seek for the causes of such symptoms, we should bear in mind the following: When the US Air Force began analyzing the stratosphere in the 1960s, they came up with a number of astonishing results. Just as exotic life-forms had been found in the depths of our oceans, the scientists found in the test samples from the stratosphere myriads of bacteria, fungal spores and viruses which were unknown on the earth’s surface. Other life-forms that are still smaller than bacteria also thrive there. Dr. Robert Folk, the discoverer of these “nanobacteria”, as they are called, describes this – numerically the largest – population of our planet in the following terms: `These are dwarf forms of bacteria which have 1000 times less volume than normal bacteria and are several times more numerous than these. Yet, normal bacteria are to be found nearly everywhere. As the chemtrails are normally sprayed over densely populated areas, where temperature variation is largest and a cooling of the earth is therefore most urgently needed (at least by Hughes Aerospace), one must assume that the particle-laden chemtrails carry down the viruses, bacteria and fungi thriving in the stratosphere, into the respiratory tracts and lungs of most human beings. As they are “extra-terrestrial” life forms, our immune system does not recognize them, and this lack of resistance will, in all probability lead to an entire new range of illnesses. Of course, such newly emerging illnesses also open up whole new market segments to the pharmaceutical industry (if the reader will permit this cynical aside). 9.

We now know who developed chemtrails, and what they are made of. Let us delve into why. Since early 2000, they have been sprayed into our atmosphere on a daily basis. As indicated above, scientific endeavors, at least in their initial development stages, usually are fostered upon noble intentions. However, man being man, said intentions are more often than not co-opted by the guy or company footing the bill for these idealistic brainiacs. Did Oppenheimer rub his hands in glee at the thought of Hiroshima consumed by a mushroom cloud, or was he developing the first atomic bomb as the ultimate weapon to bring about peace among his fellow men? This writer prefers to think the latter, though that may be a naïve assessment.

Chronologically, the first chemtrails released into the atmosphere took place in the USA. The development of chemtrails took place in the United States, so it makes sense that they would be tested here first. Lest one be outraged, know that the USG has initiated dozens upon dozens of tests and experiments upon its citizens, going back many decades. The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment is just the most notorious example, in which hundreds of black men, infected with syphilis, were studied for the ravages of the disease, while the doctors held the cure the entire time and let them die for the sake of their study. In typical USG fashion, these bureaucratic villains conveniently wrote laws to absolve them of their sins.

The U.S. government has a long and sordid record of using Americans as unwitting guinea pigs. The Army’s own records and numerous congressional investigations confirm that both civilians and military personnel have been continually ‘tested’ with poisonous injections, psychotropic drugs and aerial spraying during numerous covert projects. Congress has enabled the military to abuse us like this by passing laws of subterfuge and deceit. The prime example is Title 50, which authorizes America’s grisly chemical and biological warfare program. Chapter 32, Section 1520a appears to protect citizens from secret experimentation since it states that citizens must give informed consent for testing. But Section 1515 of the same chapter authorizes suspension of the informed consent requirement ‘during the period of any national emergency’. 6.

The United States has been in a period of ‘national emergency’ since 1934, conveniently granting them, (the killers ruling us) license to treat us, the people that propel our great land, as guinea pigs. This state of national emergency exists on the books to this very moment.

There’s not a reader among us who has not seen a movie where the suits stroll into the lab, remove the inventive scientist from his post, and proceed to apply the fruits of the scientist’s research to foul and evil intentions. This chemtrail scenario begs for that scene, (though life is seldom so noble or lofty – scientists have a mortgage the same as us, after all). As Chang and Shih have not been vilified by TPTB, we can sadly assume they ‘played ball’. Were this a movie (and how we all wish it were so benign), the ‘suits’, in this case, are made of army green and air force blue. Due to the endorsement of Dr. Edward Teller, founder of the Lawrence Livermore Laboratories and considered the “Father of the Hydrogen Bomb”, this science was brought to the attention of those Gods of War that stroll our capital and the Pentagon. This Dr. Teller, a man (loosely ascribed) knew the destruction atomic weapons wrought, yet developed ever more insidious weapons of the same science. May history revile him? One can only hope we become so enlightened this comes to pass.

In May 2000, according to journalist William Thomas, the Welsbach patent (through the intense lobbying of Dr. Teller) was expounded to the meteorologists of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) – a selected international panel of several hundred climate experts who meet regularly under the auspices of the United Nations. (Emphasis added) It was here that the spraying method was approved by a majority as to the likelihood of success. 7.

We have arrived at the ‘bad men’ portion of this factual saga. While chemtrails were initially developed to combat global warming, our War Pigs saw other designs…other ‘applications’. Let us visit Kosovo, 1999.

Moreover, there are serious indications that the weather weapon has already been put to use: During the NATO attack on Kosovo in spring 1999, quite unusual weather conditions hung over Serbia for several weeks. Weather satellites reported mostly fine conditions over the whole of Europe, while Serbia alone was covered with clouds in such a way that the outlines of the country could be sketched on the satellite photos! According to numerous eyewitnesses, the weather phenomenon was accompanied by persistent lack of rain, giving way at the end of the campaign to extreme drought. The highly unusual weather was the subject of numerous newspaper articles and readers’ letters in many parts of Yugoslavia. 8.

Or North Korea:

The case of North Korea’s climate is also worth looking at in this context: There too for several consecutive years around the turn of the century, the most terrible periods of drought occurred. These led in the communist country to the well-known regime-destabilizing famines – a `natural event` of which there was not the slightest trace in any of the neighboring countries – US-allied South Korea, for example! Nearly 5 years after the initial field tests in the USA, the potential for weather control is obviously growing rapidly. There can be little doubt that it is currently the favorite toy of the technological elite…It goes without saying that every successive war offers a new field for experimentation. 8.

These are just two examples of peaceful applications (however misguided) co-opted by the military to nefarious purposes. Nothing new here. Evil aside, let us address what chemtrails bode for the future of humanity. The official program, as designated by the USG, is called “The Shield”. To the hard, cold facts – The World Health Organization estimates (human) “losses” arising from the Shield Project at around two billion fatalities, assuming the duration of the program to be up to 50 years – or 40 million fatalities annually. The main factor here is the premature deaths of the elderly, and of people suffering from respiratory illnesses. Other sources, such as the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Maryland speak of a possible 3-5 billion dead, or 60-80 million per year. In view of such figures quoted by Deep Shield (an anonymous source from within the program), which according to the WHO and the CDC would seem to be well-founded, one can only imagine that the anticipated alternative scenario to the `Shield` must be something truly horrific. 8.

Do you, the reader, now begin to grasp the magnitude of what we are enduring…what we are facing? This is nothing less than the mass extinction of the human race. We all write and read about Codex Alimentarius, Agenda 21, GMO’s, fluoride poisoning, the pharmaceutical poisoning, Teflon poisoning, soaps and shampoos with aluminum, and on and on and on…. These are micro problems to the macro problem of chemtrails. What are we to do? Senators are in bed with these evil corporations…the government does not represent us…they are tools for the globalists…

Our only tool left is the ability to foster awareness among the masses. For many years, China was described as the Sleeping Giant. WE are the Sleeping Giant! The ONLY way to wake the Giant is through the internet…through people that read little pieces like this and become a little more awake. If we are to defeat and hold at bay those who would see us die, we must spread the knowledge and foster awareness.  It is the only way!


1. MIT, Inadvertent Climate Modification: Report of the Study of Man’s Impact on Climate (Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 1971).


3 US-patent no. 5003186; so-called `Welsbach Patent`. On the website of US Patent Office: Enter patent number `5003186` and hit `search`.



6 USG testing on citizenry

7 – See `Report on Aviation and Global Atmosphere`.

8 Kosovo weather manipulation.


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