Revolution: An Instruction Manual


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9 Comments on "Revolution: An Instruction Manual"

  1. No kidding? Mass hypnotism?
    I doubt this technology can be restricted to benign medical purposes only.

    • You should investigate mk ultra.

      • Wow, 86 universities participated, and most of the CIA records were destroyed. That’s some No Good Business the gov’t was up to!

        Thanks for the tip, DArlene Kay.

        • There is a woman who escaped. I cannot remember her name. She explained in detail what was done to her. And then if you understand that no government program really goes away, they just change names……and if you connect quite a few of the mass shootings with the idea that they seem to happen when the headlines need to be distracted from a scandal……don’t know if it’s googlable or not. I was into some super intense digging around about 10 years ago. And I know Google removes things things, for the good of the people mind you. Lol. I think I’ll try.

          • I, too, wonder about the timing of info (or dis-info) being released to the public… as well as what the real triggers are behind events that capture the public’s attention. And what they’re distracting attention from.

          • DArlene Kay | December 5, 2015 at 5:04 am |

            Lmfao look.. a squirrel! !!!!

        • Cathy obrian is her name. There is information and disinformation. Up to you to decide which is true.

          • From a search, I found a report about Ted Kennedy’s probe into MK Ultra. He was a man given great power, and I’m glad he got as far as he did when investigating.

  2. ♚ Carlos Brigante ♚ | January 10, 2017 at 2:44 pm | Reply

    My pet theory about us and Aliens is that they put us on this planet then they run tours for Aliens from other planets, they bring them here to illustrate what you should NOT do do have a happy, harmonious planet, A bit like a Zoo and they are the keepers, looking in now and them to see how the animals are doing, most of the UFO sightings are Aliens on a tour, the rest are the keepers.

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