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The more that scientists discover about the complexities of the human brain, the more puzzling it has become. The new trend of NeuroGaming is employing some of its users to help register their neural pathways and aid science in arriving at the final frontier.

As discussed in the recent article 7 Future Methods of Mind Control, devices and gadgets are a simple way to introduce the really cool aspects of building one’s own ultimate prison. We only need to consider the vast benefits that Internet communication and all of its attendant applications offer to the user … until, in the end, it has been openly revealed as a giant spy grid that sweeps up data on anyone and everyone connected to it.

The same is most likely the case, and worse, with NeuroGaming; it brings neuroscience directly to the user, creating a two-way interface that literally provides the mechanism to decode one’s thoughts.

As reported by Singularity Hub, a new game called “Eyewire” has already received the contribution of 70,000 plus players from around the world, as their brainwaves are fed into computers with the intent to train those computers to map the human brain. Singularity Hub explains the significance:

Your connectome, the map of all 86 billion connected neurons in your brain, is hopelessly complex. In fact, one human connectome has a staggering 10,000 times that number of neural pathways. Every thought you have and every memory you hold exists in your connectome, and major efforts are under way to map it. (emphasis added)

This is a project of MIT, which has a long history of involvement in military research. The field of neuroscience is one that has recently received comprehensive project announcements and funding that is part of Obama’s $100 million BRAIN project. For a full breakdown of each element of this project, as well as its connections to elite think tanks and military mind control, click here. Meanwhile, Europe’s Human Brain Project is receiving $1.3 billion in funding.

At the heart of this particular project is “augmented intelligence.” Lest someone believe that it is the user’s intelligence being benefited, it is just the opposite — the user contributes to the intelligence of the computer:

Created by scientists at MIT, Eyewire is a browser game that lets players take on the challenge of mapping neural pathways in brains — no scientific background required. By playing, gamers are not only mapping neurons, but also training artificial intelligence algorithms to better understand how to map neurons themselves, what Amy Robinson, Creative Director at Eyewire, calls “augmented intelligence”. The more that gamers play, the better the computers get.

This type of participation perfectly illustrates how the full spectrum control grid needs us to offer ourselves to their altar as a type of sacrifice. As the article states, even with supercomputers, massive funding and plenty of research teams, it is a nearly insurmountable task to decode the brain without our cooperation:

Using today’s state of the art technology, it takes an AI-assisted researcher almost 50 hours to reconstruct a SINGLE neuron! At that pace, one researcher would need to devote the next 500 million years to neural mapping; no bathroom breaks allowed. (emphasis added)

Perhaps Moore’s Law of exponential computing power will get the job done eventually, but the technocratic elite don’t seem to want to wait that long.

…they are leveraging the innate human desire to compete and play games. Considering that as a planet, we spend 3 billion hours playing videogames every week, imagine what can be accomplished when even a portion of that time is allocated to things like neural discovery?

This Singularity Hub article is one of the most remarkably honest looks at what the endgame of neuroscience will bring.

The post brain mapped world will look nothing like the world of today. A functionally accurate brain map forever changes the equation for everything from medicine to human performance. Cognitive disorders like Alzheimer’s and depression might one day be curable, while brain augmentation through cognitive implants could become commonplace. (emphasis added)

Please read the source article below in its entirety and view the accompanying videos, then share this information with your friends, family, and particularly your children to demonstrate to them what kind of world they are being enlisted to build.


Mind games: why NeuroGaming is the future

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