New Round of Persecution Aimed At Heritage Pig Farmer

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More Suspense and Twists: Heritage Pig Farmer “Criminal” vs. State of Michigan DNR and Their Demand for $700,000 and Destruction of 70 Animals – State Increases Opposition

Citizens Want Sheriff to Protect Family of Ten While State DNR is Still Demanding $700,000 and Destruction of Pigs

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Our investigative report posted last week focused on Mark and Jill Baker, owners of Baker’s Green Acres and their lawsuit against the state of Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR). MDNR issued on Order under its Invasive Species Order (ISO) which forces small, heritage pig farmers to destroy their pigs because of the way they look—a little different than “approved types”. Pigs that have erect ears or floppy ears, straight tails or curly tails, and other attributes (such as being black) may be shot and killed on a farm and the carcasses burned on site. This resulted in a demand for $700,000 from Mark and his family of ten. The demand occurred after MDNR monitored and pursued Mark after speaking at a public hearing with state representatives at the capitol in Lansing.

In my interview with the Bakers, I pressed him to tell me where the local sheriff stood on these actions by MDNR. Baker told me he pleaded for help from Missaukee County Sheriff James Bosscher who was disengaged and did not offer any meaningful assistance. Baker said he arranged a meeting with the sheriff and did not want to look at the ISO handed to him.

A black SUV was alleged by eyewitnesses to have appeared one night on Baker’s farm and had shined their flashlights spotlighting the pigs. The Bakers told us he had made an emergency call to the sheriff’s office that night and asked for help, fearing for the safety of his family and animals. Baker said it was unknown who the intruders were – whether they were from MDNR, MDA or the sheriff’s office or not.

Baker told me twice in interviews he knows state agriculture agents visited some of his customers to frighten them by implying Baker’s meats are not USDA-certified. (Baker’s meats are exempt from this rule). In regulatory-speak this means the meat is “diseased,” subjecting the restaurants with fines and possible newspaper articles about this. He said he knows one chef had told him this. Why else would these restaurants suddenly terminate their contract with him? This dried up their income and threatens to the close of the other parts of the operation and is why he launched an international fundraising campaign – and it’s working.

After Baker filed a lawsuit against the state, [Michigan] Attorney General sent the Bakers a letter asking to settle the case and drop all fines and the prison sentence as long as he destroyed his herd of heritage pigs. Through his attorney Baker responded to the Attorney General one word: “Nuts”. (Interesting that Nuts spelled in reverse is Stun). Baker told me they in no way are going to settle or compromise at the hearing on Friday. Baker believes the State is doing everything they can to stop this from going to trial to avoid making this information public – and possibly leading to criminal convictions of the state and local officials and employees involved in this. This is based on well-known collusion with Big Pork and Ag – as shown in Part 1.

Another dilemma: a crime is about to occur. Several of the sows are pregnant which will yield some 20 piglets, which according to the State’s formula, will cost up to $200,000 more in fines. Are they wanting Baker to get out a coat hanger?

Two of Baker’s 70 hogs, the state of Michigan wants to destroy. Some will be roasted at Saturday’s big farm festival. These pigs are now illegal because they look different than the approved-types.

The Bakers, like so many others, believe the MDNR actions are illegal under the Eighth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. It says “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishment inflicted.” Sheriffs, police and military take an oath to “support and defend this Constitution for the United States of America, against all enemies, foreign and domestic, so help me God”. Key words here are domestic enemies. Obviously this includes terrorists on U.S. soil, but does it mean state and federal police actions that enforce unreasonable rules that deny individual and property rights? Or, does domestic enemy mean true patriots who oppose the agendas of government?

Lake City is the Missaukee county seat, population 830, up in northern Michigan. The county is about 14,000 population. In small counties like this, a person’s reputation is quite vulnerable to any rumor or hint of wrongdoing. All must tread very carefully to avoid rumors about them or being caught by the public in wrongful acts. Most sheriffs are very good people at heart and want to do right – but I understand why he would be too afraid to want to get too involved. He needs to get schooled – educated – on what his rights and duties are and get empowered.

This is why citizens everywhere are demanding their sheriffs to “shit or get off the pot.” This is why Sheriff Richard Mack has taught seminars in Michigan to train sheriffs on their constitutional powers even greater than the Governor. This is why sheriffs of strong integrity (and police, firefighters and military) are signing up with groups like Oathkeepers to learn the awesome powers they have. After proper training, sheriffs’ testicles will finally drop and not be afraid to tell a state or federal agency don’t cross my line with this or that.

I asked Baker if he wanted to make a statement at this time in this report. His 14-year-old son was given the phone and immediately quoted for me Dr. Martin Luther King, the one who county officials quote and celebrate each year:

He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.

Readers, especially those in the county or surrounding counties, may contact the sheriffs office via phone, fax or email to make a polite comment.

Friday is the court hearing. They are hosting a pig roast and farm festival at the farm Saturday. Arriving will be various organizations, legal experts, journalists, videographers, freelance writers, poets, musicians, national speakers in addition to national media correspondents. Arrangements are being made for a full-length documentary on this and other events like it happening throughout Michigan. Campgrounds have been set aside and there is plenty of space for parking. (I am secretly hoping the deputies will show up in support, as well as supporters known to be in the MDNR and MDA)

Time for all stand up and speak out for your guaranteed rights at county court houses.

Watch the twitter feed at #greenacres7

For more info on the court hearing, trial and festival go here
Reach into your piggy bank and place your bet on this military hero-pig farmer, put your money where your mouth is and watch this landmark case unfold. The whole world is watching.

See the Meatrix cartoon below– this explains what is really going on here:

This article appeared here at Journal of Natural Food and Health where you can find excellent info on raw milk, vaccines, autism, health studies, food and farm freedom – and more!

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