Monsanto Spreads Propaganda in Hawaii’s Largest Newspaper

Monsanto takes out a 3/4-page ad in Hawaii’s largest newspaper to counter that GMOs are unsafe.

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Monsanto has invaded Hawaii with genetically modified crops that require being soaked in pesticides. But don’t worry, a new paid advertisement says that these crops are perfectly safe to eat.

Monsanto recently placed a nearly full-page advertisement in Hawaii’s largest newspaper, the Star Advertiser, which claims that GMO foods are just as safe as heirloom crops.

After an expensive battle to keep the public in the dark about which products contain their genetic manipulation by defeating any attempt at labeling GMOs, it seems they’re continuing to spend gobs of money for propaganda.

Although there are many independent studies that would contradict the findings Monsanto’s cited in this ad, they seem to leave out one important point.

Yes, it may be difficult to prove that GMO seeds hurt the environment by themselves, but the pesticide they’re designed to be soaked with clearly does. That cannot be disputed.

Monsanto’s best-selling pesticide Roundup contains glyphosate which has many proven health risks to man and nature.

Is this what a farmer of healthy food looks like?

For any info-activists who want to educate the newspaper of their folly, their contact information is below:

Call the Star Advertiser at (808) 538-NEWS (6397)
Or email them at

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