Establishment Hero Bill Gates Sold You Out to the NSA, But That’s Not All…

Jackson Reed
Activist Post

Bill Gates gets heaped with praise from the establishment for his business prowess and his so-called philanthropy. In turn, society seems to elevate him to near godlike status for his generosity and “humanitarian work”.  He’s been the poster child for the “see, not all big corporations are evil” argument. Well, not anymore.

Recent revelations that his company Microsoft has, for decades, built backdoors for government spying may put a few chinks in Gates’ shining public armor.

And if one dares look any closer at Gates’ other endeavors, they may discover that their intentions are not nearly as benevolent as general public perception leads us to believe.

First, let me try to outline just how completely Microsoft sold you out to spy agencies. After NSA whistleblower Snowden outed Microsoft as complicit in the PRISM information sharing program, it has come to light that NSA has a backdoor to Microsoft-owned Skype, Windows operating system updates contain bypasses for the NSA, the encryption for Outlook is unlocked for the NSA prior to launches, and Internet Explorer is likely the most compromised.

In short, this means the NSA has nearly full access to roughly 92% of the commercial computers in the world.

If the description of the NSA-Microsoft marriage above isn’t clear enough, perhaps a video showing what a spy can see when you’re running Microsoft products will clarify it.  The video below was put together by a private surveillance profiteer Mandiant to show how China is hacking America, presumably in hopes of stoking a very profitable cyber cold war.  In their zeal to show how they catch alleged Chinese hackers in the act, they also reveal the generous backdoor they have into Windows computers:

As this website reported when this video was released, actual hackers called this video a fake because no real hacker would ever use Windows.

Here’s a couple of early comments from the YouTube video that say it all:

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Hackers using windows…..

This is bullshit! Lol!!!! A hacker providing a landline phone number to google and using windows wrong commands. LOL!!

Whether this video is phony propaganda to incite cyberwar spending is for another article. Regardless, the complete takeover of a Windows user’s computer by a private analyst is what’s most disturbing about the video. This access makes keystroke logger technology, which records every keystroke made on the computer, look utterly obsolete.

Now that it’s been established that Bill Gates was not the good guy you thought he was all along, let’s take a closer look at what the establishment props up as a hero.

Bill Gates is an admitted advocate of population reduction.  He’s admitted that the goal of his immunization aid to third world countries is to reduce population. Don’t believe me? See here, here, and here.  Also, through his foundation he owns 500,000 shares of Monsanto‘s stock and he is a public salesman GMO crops around the world.  And this is just the scratching the surface of who the real Bill Gates is.

Gates is a monopoly-man sell-out who now has nearly unlimited resources to dedicate to eradicating the plague he calls humanity from the earth.

Hopefully, this Microsoft spying story will cause more people to question Gates’ true intentions and those of an establishment that would deceive us into thinking he’s somehow a knight in shining armor.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

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