Secretive Bilderberg Using Disruptive Tech to Stir Revolution

Bilderberg Ventures in High Tech Uprising Play Out Drama for Control

Aaron Dykes
Activist Post

This article is a continuation of an examination of the role of Google in fomenting the Arab Spring and other uprisings via chairman and Bilderberg attendee Eric Schmidt and that of Jared Cohen, former State Dept. operative and founder of Google Ideas, a vehicle that has made its business in digital revolutions to aid rule by chaos. For more on this, read Google Hails Age of Cyber War & Digital Revolution.

The hand of Western power is effectively masked in the public mind behind the victorious image of a people-powered revolution bolstered by benign social media technology including Facebook and Twitter sweeping through a backward and repressive Middle East region that is already constantly at war.

But in reality, the presence of phony color revolutions – essentially patented by George Soros in a modification of the British “Great Game” system, and sponsored the public-private partnership between the U.S. State Dept., NGOs and technology corporations – is plain to see for any who wish to follow the trail of connections and analyze the true events. Egypt’s soured revolution is emblematic of the double game and converted intentions of U.S. foreign policy and globalist design.

The now notorious Bilderberg group is not a one-stop shop for power, as critics of the secretive groups critics have pointed out. However, to say that is an influential meeting place is an understatement. With a veritable continuity of operations, Bilderberg invitees and steering members comprise the inner driving corp of industries who pick up where I.G. Farben left off in chemical production and social deterioration capital.

Its political node is highly connected and largely subservient to the Robber Baron class and their gearing-turn foundations, who drive a related sphere of NGOs and burgeoning global institute fronts that ‘do what government can’t’ by carrying out untenable but desirable policy on behalf of an Anglo-American establishment that believes in its own myth of superiority while writing off the bulk of humanity as deserving victims in their ritualistic performance of destruction.

Problem-reaction-solution is the simple formula attributed to Hegel’s dialectical thinking that describes the process of “change” in public policy, whereas modification in societal laws and practices are achieved through catalysts, a chemical burn that, like toast, is charred or changed forever.

The problems are manufactured, of course. So are the solutions.

False flag events; headline stories; public relations stunts; iconic dilemmas that demand action.

The manipulative power of the media is enough to frame the kind of “problems” that require solutions after the public “reacts.” Bilderberg’s many partners are frequently found dabbling in the “problems” business, but the bulk of the groups influence lies in its ability to act as a focal point. They are in the “solutions” business, with partners and clients ready to serve up means to protect the environment, stop wars, engage democracy under shifting population conditions, control growth, compete in the global market place, and especially, to neutralize conflict.

Someone like Jared Cohen, with the backing of someone like Eric Schmidt, who meets annually with powerful luminaries at their confabs, is ripe to bring new world order dreams into fruition – one round of chaos at a time. The clean-up is handled by partners, the backing comes from the government and political/economic victories mean dividends for shareholders in the covert action.

If ‘you break it, you buy it’ defines one of life’s most common rules in civility, regime destabilization is one of the cheapest ways to buy something that is not for sale, and which cannot be easily harnessed or packaged. Such is true of the Middle East and other related moves on the grand chessboard.

This author began pointing out several years ago that the Bilderberg agenda was absorbing many of the high-level techies from Silicon Valley, and unceremoniously crowning a new cadre of technocrat social engineers that will direct the coming years so long as their system of predatory finance and political control remain.

Bill Gates (both Jr. and Sr.) as well as fellow Microsoft executives like Craig J. Mundie have already been integrated into Bilderberg for well over a decade. Gates & co. now implement the elitist agenda worldwide – including vaccines, GMOs, depopulation and technology – through the omnipresent and powerful Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and its partners in the NGO, United Nations and national sectors.

More recently, Bilderberg Steering Committee member Peter Thiel, the venture capitalist behind PayPal and Facebook, has helped recruit attendees including the likes of Eric Schmidt (Google), Chris Hughes (Facebook), Jeff Bezos (, Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn), Sean Parker (Facebook, Spotify; Napster founder) and several other influential figures in the online and social media sphere.

This technical expertise meets at the table with the likes of Keith B. Alexander, the commander of US Cyber Command and concurrent director of the National Security Agency and other figures in policy, setting the scene for emerging cyberwarfare incidents, hack attacks on ‘rogue’ nations like Iran (as with Stuxnet), mass tracking of the public through social networking and color revolutions-gone digital (as with the Arab Spring).

This argument about Bilderberg’s tech-driven agenda is supported by recent meeting topics [Bilderberg Topics: 2010-2012; 2008-2009]:

  • “Cyber-terrorism” (2008, USA) “Cyber-terrorism: Strategy and Policy” (2009, Greece) “The Growing Influence of Cyber Technology” (2010, Spain) “Social Networking: From the Obama Campaign to the Iranian Revolution” (2010, Spain)
  • “The Middle East: What Does Democracy Mean?” (2011, Switzerland)
  • “Economic and National Security in a Digital Age” (2011, Switzerland)
  • “Technological Innovation in Western Economies: Stagnation or Promise?” (2011, Switzerland)
  • “Connectivity and the Diffusion of Power” (2011, Switzerland)
  • “Stability and Instability in the Middle East” (2012, USA)
  • “How Do Sovereign States Collaborate in Cyber Space?” (2012, USA).

Clearly many of these agenda items reflect the disguised role of U.S. foreign policy and numerous global partners reaching for a greater era of cooperation – for the good of all… every one of you.

AARON DYKES is a co-founder of where this article first appeared. As a writer, researcher and video producer who has worked on numerous documentaries and investigative reports, he uses history as a guide to decode current events, uncover obscure agendas and contrast them with the dignity afforded individuals as recognized in documents like the Bill of Rights.

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