Humanity Roars Like Lions Caged Inside the Agenda 21 Matrix

Ginger Jane Hammack
Activist Post

This cage has had societies under a spell for decades. The light from the lamp post is softly glowing. We’ve been starring at it for years. Our feet wet from random sprayings through the bars. Our spirits have been provoked to hunt inner truth and we wait.

While opening the King James Bible and turning to Proverbs 28:1 the most inspirational verse reads, “The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion.” While it is daunting to wake up the caged, I’m encouraged somehow to show them they can be bold as lions.

With 6% of the earth’s land identified as a Jungle, it is clear that humanity is living a bleak, struggling, unknown existence in the modern day Concrete Jungles, across the globe. As the people feel the snap of the whip across their backs; struggling to make ends meet, rushing to work, to love. The backs of a chaotic society in the concrete jungle bleed. The whip is wicked. It’s invisible. So is the blood shed in many instances. It’s become an invisible hell for many whom grown so accustomed to sights, smells of this jungle. They no longer grieve for that which they see.

It all began some decades back when wicked men sat down with wicked men in Rio De Janeiro in 1992. During the Earth Summit the birth of Agenda 21 blossomed. 178 nations signed on to the implementation of Agenda 21. Included in this wolf pack of tyranny giants is former President George Bush (Senior) and all Presidents to follow.

Quickly America’s right to pursue happiness is vanishing. Along with this loss? We can throw in unalienable rights because monetary systems across the planet are being controlled. Manipulated by globalist and Central Banks. United Nations Agenda 21 in a nutshell? A blue print. A blue print of sustainable development. A design if you will. To enslave, or do what’s best for the collective.

Organize, and re-direct every man, woman and child on this planet. In local cities and counties across America. United Nations Agenda 21 is hidden under context riddled in coded words. Consensus, Benefit for all, Sustainable, Development, 2020, 2050 maps. Surprise! A reduction in population in order to save the environment is also charted in the Global Biodiversity Assessment. Housing will be affected, the owning of land would be largely abolished. Mega regions will be formed and directly implemented. We shall all become sardines in a can living lives stacked on top of one another in the concrete jungle. Free enterprise is going to become an alien concept – a fading memory in the psyche, as Government and business lock eyes and create sweet enslavement bliss upon the masses. I digress. Smart meters, smart phones, electronic records and data collection, is it possible to have privacy? Have we just been collectively bargained? Absolutely.

Transport systems, MPO’s (Metro Planning Organizations, which incorporate public private orchestrating), Wildlands projects around the U.S. are grabbing up the land and all of these are examples of how your rights are being dramatically altered. Freedom is become obsolete. What is even more frightening will be water rights in this near future. Water right wars in courtrooms and city halls across America! It will be in that moment that the caged lions of this land will grow so thirsty. So hungry. So tired of the confines pressed upon them. This quickened pace of haunted souls sheds such fears. They consider greatly. Bewilderedness shakes their very soul placing them on a quest of logic and reasoning. Their truth! The liberty. This after all would be the natural way. The natural way, indeed! Natural, to desire what is naturally yours in the first place. Even our Founding Fathers understood this. Moreover, they desired greatly to protect this knowledge from all forms of tyranny.

Foreign and domestic. Endowed by your creator! With unalienable rights! Such profound measure must never be forgotten. On this day, a memo to every caged lion in this Babylon, you must not be timid! This is our just right to share upon every friend, every neighbor what we’ve discovered. It’s not too late. Furthermore you are not alone. He stands at your cages and knocks! He hands you the key to freedom! Eternal! Communities everywhere, need to speak up and do research.

Men can sit in corners of the world and contemplate agendas both day and night. In rich, tidy circles. Men like this can play ring leader or circus trainer, and pick the power card of their choice. Wicked will empower wicked. Likewise, Dens of Lions will form. Fierce, spread out among the land. Bold. The lioness will protect her cubs once she senses a threat. The dens of lions across the prison planet have awoken. Along side, a mighty God. No man is greater than that which resides in you. No man. No man on earth. Oppressors are not safe from darkness. Only mislead and unwise.

Agenda 21 can go straight to hell. So shall it. Meanwhile, while men of great worldly power plan for great control. A north pole shifts close to Siberia. A drought shocks all! Birds fall from the sky. The plans of wild lands. Annexations. Rail corridors and all alike, will be what the creator desires them to be. As the earth shakes and the core spills. The heart of man will fail him. Yet before this near time may every one of you courageous lions, shake your shackles free! Tell the world what you have learned! Tell them of such insight you’ve seen. Roar!

More of Ginger Jane Hammack’s work can be found at her Blog, The Yuma Liberty Outpost

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