Agenda 21: A Baby Boomer Rant

Samm Simpson
Activist Post

I don’t watch TV because of lying charlatans.  And ads telling people what pill to ask for while detailing those deadly side effects from that medicine you’re supposed to ask for. TV is a multi-tasking wonder:  babysitter, entertainment, propaganda information control center. Today’s digital and aural implants maneuver their magic as brain washer, social engineer and in-home beast.  I stopped watching TV after George Clooney left ER.  Does that mean I’m out of touch?
Glad my Toyota still runs. Getting the oil changed every 3000 miles helped.  My odometer has clocked 287,541 miles, which means I’ve driven around the earth over ten times. All that driving and all that gasoline. Industry didn’t build refineries; our government deposed Mossadegh and made deals with the Saudis and so much more, then folks got green and decided on ethanol.  Genetically engineered corn is bad for your gut and your car. And it’s bad for those cows in Germany who died after eating it.  About a month ago, I stopped at a station in South Carolina that had non-ethanol gas.  I filled the tank and it was $40.  But hey, isn’t oil actually abiotic and peak oil just another myth?

Before that second plane on 9/11 I was asking, “Where is Norad?” When buildings dissolved into dust, I was thinking, “controlled demolition.” Most likely it was a combination of small nukes in the basement, thermite, maybe energy weapons; and those planes were just to add a little confusion. Probably remote controlled. Some say they were holograms.  Building 7’s late-day implosion destroyed tens of thousands of records from the IRS, SEC, CIA, and the Secret Service.  A  select group of sociopaths knows the truth, maybe a few Bilderbergers, some Mossad and Dick Cheney.  Did he sell his soul to the devil??

The real war on terror is in the homes of America.  Mostly it’s against women and children.  Well, the real war on terror is in the wombs of America.

I’m reading an amazing book entitled Who Wrote the Book of Life – A History of DNA – by the late Lilly Kay on how post World War II scientists shifted their dialogue from discussing  specificities and biological processes of nucleotides into a describing those processes via the matrix of information theory.  The Eugenics gang certainly can get its job done better if they call it Genetics.  And the DNA is a code, a language and a book of life.  So at first there were breast augmentations and face lifts, just to get us used to the cut and paste.  Hey, we’re a book that can be edited!  That belief had to be instilled before women would ever “demand” the “right” to have their child suctioned or cut up out of their womb.  Over 55,000,000 abortions have taken place in the U.S.  Guess this is a great population control method, huh? 

My dad was a whiz at math word problems, he could always do it in his head, but that didn’t help me when I had to show my work. I enjoyed verbally sparring with him, my thirteen-year-old position — “All you need is love, Dad,” would staunchly counter his refrain; “The only freedom in this world is an economic one.” He used to have some of those Kennedy era dollars that weren’t stamped with Federal Reserve Note – which most of us know means debt.  Dad knew all about fiat currency and the coming global government. When do you think those trillions in derivatives are going to crash the system?

I adore photosynthesis.  It’s such a life-affirming process.  I inhale oxygen, I exhale CO2. The trees and the plants inhale my CO2 and they exhale oxygen. There are thousands of trees right outside my back door.  It’s astonishing how quickly Maurice Strong and the global titans have convinced people who either don’t read or are being paid to lie that carbon dioxide is destroying the planet.  I urge everyone to go to the website Principia Scientific and read for yourself how the greenhouse effect is pure myth.  But in the elite’s Agenda 21 machinations of destroying economies and nations, and their need to create another trillion dollar trading scheme, I guess Obama nation is going to just tell us to close all the coal plants, breathe less and own fewer cows via an executive order.  Do his children know that polar bears can swim?

It’s always a beautiful day without chemtrails.  Puffy clouds in a normal pattern dotting a crystal blue sky just warms the soul. When I see that aluminum, barium, nanotech morgellon disease insanity spreading like a bay tree across the sky, I begin to pray for the pilot of that military jet.  He’s not my enemy, but he’s doing the biding of his master; and behind that master, there is another, and another and another and another and another.  Eventually, in my Biblical worldview, we get to the ultimate source of the dark. Do you believe that the blood of the lamb and the word of your testimony overcomes Satan?

I can’t do much about the drones. I could move to Iowa City, Iowa; they voted to ban them. At any time of the day or night, you, or I, or our friends and families could be targeted. Maybe it will be mosquito sizee with a lethal bite.  What’s worse, drone strike or torture?  Guillotine or M-16? Agent Orange or starvation?  Triggered heart attack or car bomb?   Like the assassination of Michael Hastings.  Or Pat Tillman.  Or Congressman Lawrence McDonald. Or the millions of others slaughtered by their governments, and ours. William Blum’s writings meticulously document the butchery. What does your child’s history teacher teach your children?

Most folks in Guantanamo were sold by their bounty hunter neighbor. Arabic pamphlets dropped from the sky, offering $25,000 US for Al Qaeda or $5000 for Taliban – courtesy of Donald “Aspartame” Rumsfeld.  These are “known knowns.”

I grew up in the country, like millions of Chinese farmers who are being forcibly moved from the farms into the sparkling high-rise condos. The government needs more consumers to boost their economy.  No that’s Agenda 21– and China is the New World model.  Pretty soon these new city folk will get their allotment of pay, food, and electricity, and maybe transportation and medicine, or not. Big daddy government has two tracks.  Communism or Socialism.  The end is the same.  The means to the end took longer in the US. Who was FDR really working for?

Those troubling transhumanists want to upload their brains and have nanotech avatar bodies by 2045.  I don’t want upgrades or chips, or enhancements, like the Google phone or droid brain.  Some folks think the transhumanists are a bit kooky.  But they are dead serious.  They’ve got technocrats and investors and DARPA’s minions and the momentum of prophecy. Guess I’ll have to “just say no,” even if my neighbor reports me as a terrorist. What do you suppose the trigger is for all those super soldier trained assassins out there?

Seems the U.S. gulag and its detention camps are being staffed with all sorts of folks who need a job, and the lists are being compiled.  I can’t stop the lunatics who love to slaughter and kill and steal other nations’ resources.   Heck, I can’t even fly anymore.  It’s my personal protest to refuse being sexually molested or cancer scanned.  But, really, I’m just not that important where I have to fly anywhere at all, so that’s not much of a fight.  I’ll drive a thousand miles before I’d step a foot through a TSA pat down, well, until they show up on Interstate 74.  Did you know that Hitler did it with IBM punch cards?

My mom made chicken ten thousands ways when I was growing up, although I toyed with vegetarianism and mantras. Maharishi gave me my OOUUMM  for only $150 back around 1967.  Now it’s $1500.  That’s nirvana inflation.  Today I can’t eat chicken unless it’s fed non-GMO feed.  Animals and humans who eat GM feed develop tumors, stomach lesions, infertility and cancer.  Genetic Engineering is another eugenic slow kill method, but hey, it’s the only way we can feed the world, right? The FDA, USDA, the EPA, say GE food is perfectly safe because GE food is substantially equivalent to regular food.  Has anyone ever tested that hypothesis?

There’s nothing new under the sun.  The evil we face will be destroyed.  What can we do? Repent. Pray. Fast. Seek and Share Truth. Barter. Don’t spend one dime on GMOs. This can translate into the  spiritual and economic power desperately needed to push back – or at least pause – the “global harmonization” portion of the Agenda 21 Codex Alimentarius – and,  in turn, their entire program of a global gulag. Get busy.  It’s our generation that can change this world.

Samm Simpson: Writer. Truth Seeker. GMO Educator [email protected]

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