Police State: Liberty Activist Illegally Searched and Arrested After Kokesh Hearing

Activist Post

“Your skateboard might be a weapon,” says the arresting officer to liberty activist Kyle Prouty as he was being detained.

Five members of The Panic Hour were followed into the City Hall rail station in Center City Philadelphia after attending an arraignment hearing for Adam Kokesh and Nikki Allen Poe who were kidnapped from a peaceful marijuana rally on 5/18/13.

While quietly waiting for a train, Kyle Prouty was illegally searched and detained by SEPTA police officer Nicole Lawson at 3:20pm on 5/20/13 after refusing to show ID. You can hear Kyle screaming “I do not consent to a search” while they search him.

Kyle was charged with “disorderly conduct” “obstructing a highway and other public passage” and “resisting arrest”.  Can we call it a Police State yet?

Another angle below:

Source: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=d7c_1369095693

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