Mainstream Media ‘Created Climate For Savile’s Satanic Abuse’

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A psychotherapist who worked with five of Jimmy Savile’s abuse victims has spoken about about the level of Satanic ritual abuse carried out by the deceased BBC presenter and other pedophiles in the UK. She also criticised the mainstream media’s decades-long wall of silence, saying that it is responsible for creating the climate that allowed Savile to exist.

She also disturbingly revealed that “the more they suffered, the less they were believed,” and criticised the police for failing to protect victims:

“Over 20 years ago I had two accounts of Jimmy Savile being an abuser,” but when she approached the police about the accusations, they found it “impossible to consider”.

Speaking about her experience on BCFM, Valerie Sinason the director of the London based Centre for Dissociative Studies, said that she has interviewed more than 500 victims of ritualistic abuse over the last 25 years.

Dr Sinason made headlines earlier this year when she revealed that Savile had sexually abused two girls as part of a Satanic ritual.

When asked for more details about the kind of abuse that Savile inflicted, Dr Sinason said:

Savile was not only abusing all children with or without disabilities, in group settings, in individual settings, in hospital settings, he was also invoking belief systems, doing rituals, making children believe that he had extra powers, and if they didn’t obey him they’d be punished in an afterlife.

Dr Sinason is eager to point out that ritual abuse is not exclusive to Satanism and is seen in other religions.

I can make clear that there are Satanists who would never harm anybody. It’s a legal belief system.

When asked if the abuse was part of a genuine religious ritual or merely theatrics to scare the children, she answered:

When I talk about Satanists abuse I am in no way saying all Satanists are abusers anymore than when we speak about abuse by Catholic priests. But when Satanists are abusers, there are extra things for example Aleister Crowley that can be used to frighten children more. 

But the use of cloaks, making spells, of making threats, threatening what will happen after death too, is something that they five different people that have spoken to me about Jimmy Savile all said he’d been part of.

Dr Sinason and the victims of ritualistic abuse have been ridiculed by the media in particular Private Eye, stating it doesn’t exist.

I find it so disappointing, it was quiet a shock not just to me but to all the other people that work with ritual abuse survivors to have an intelligent, satirical paper take the strange view that no such thing could exist in the wake of the Kidwelly case which was a very successful prosecution in 2011 were four adults were convicted for the ritual abuse of vulnerable children, and were we’ve got lists of cases that have been successfully prosecuted, to say that nothing exists is creating the kind of climate that allows a Jimmy Savile to exist.

Speaking to RINF Alternative News, show host Tony Gosling said:

Savile told his victims that neither police nor press would believe them if they spoke out. Its now clear that his friends in West Yorkshire police actively covered up his crimes. 

Also Operation Yewtree officers should begin investigating Private Eye and other publications that continue to deny the very ritual abuse that Savile perpetrated, as suspected accessories to organised child abuse and rape.

Listen to the interview in full here (second hour)

After the Daily Express headlined “Jimmy Savile Was Part Of Satanic Ring“, in January 2013 Private Eye magazine published another anonymous hatchet job on her entitled “SATANIC PANIC – Familiar Ritual” in the Feb/Mar 2013 edition implying Valerie and victims she has spoken to were “making it up”, or “mad”.

Valerie explains the horrible reality behind these types of abuse and explains that many people, including presumably Private Eye editor Ian Hislop, find it difficult to believe people could behave like this. Valerie explains that abusers use a cruel tactic of: ‘the worse the abuse is the less the authorities and press will believe them’.

Sinason also points out that the government now accepts that one in four people will have been abused at some point in their life.

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More news and videos can be found at Mick Meaney’s site where this article first appeared.

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