NOETS: An Example of Agenda 21 in San Francisco

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In recent years, San Francisco (along with other major American cities) has been overrun with various types of illegal public passenger vehicles for hire. The offending drivers are using smartphone applications which dispatch vehicles and meter rides. The companies providing these smartphone applications and services in my home town of San Francisco, CA are known as Uber, Lyft and SideCar.

NOETS is an acronym for New Online Enabled Transportation Services. Uber, Lyft and SideCar are NOETS. The regulatory body currently reviewing such services (the California Public Utilities Commission) has officially termed them this. I was hoping they might find a way to call them TURDS, but no such luck.

Agenda 21 (or the agenda for the 21st century) is a United Nations originated series of wide-ranging policy directives which became public in 1992 when the UN published a book called Agenda 21: Earth Summit: The United Nations Programme of Action from Rio. This local infestation of gypsy cab dispatch services and the lack of subsequent law enforcement are a result of United Nations Agenda 21.  

Uber, Lyft and SideCar

Uber, Lyft and SideCar unfairly compete with taxicabs and legitimate car services by providing the same services as taxicabs without adhering to the same rules and regulations.

Uber is illegal mostly because their drivers are metering rides like a taxicab while operating under only a car service (black car) license. To meter rides like a taxicab, a public passenger vehicle for hire must BE a taxicab. It is this way to protect the public. Taxicab meter rates are set by the city in order to protect consumers. Uber sets their rates however they please. If there are a hundred different companies operating like Uber on the streets, then the customer never knows what s/he is getting into. Passengers should not have to bargain hunt or be unpleasantly surprised when their driver charges them $50 to go 1 mile.

Uber cars pick up anybody who hails them trough a smartphone. Uber is servicing the public at random. If a vehicle for hire is servicing the public at random, that vehicle should be subject to all the rules and regulations applied to taxicabs. Local taxicab rules and regulations contribute to a system of official accountability which helps ensure the safety of both passengers and drivers. Car services by law are not permitted to pick up people at random because car services do not provide an adequate system of public accountability. Uber also violates other laws, but for the sake of brevity, I will leave it at that.

Lyft and SideCar are gypsy cabs. The smartphone applications provided by Lyft and SideCar are proffered to individual non-commercial vehicle owners. It is illegal in the city and county of San Francisco for an individual to use his or her personal vehicle as an unlicensed and uninsured taxicab. Furthermore, if a person is found by a court to have been using his or her automobile to convey passengers for profit, non-commercial insurance DOES NOT APPLY. If a person is injured in an accident involving a Lyft or SideCar vehicle, THE LYFT OR SIDECAR VEHICLE HAS NO INSURANCE. If you get injured as a passenger or driver in a Lyft or SideCar vehicle conveying passengers for profit, YOU ARE PAYING YOUR OWN MEDICAL BILLS. Going for a ride in a gypsy cab can RUIN YOUR LIFE. If any of these services ever tells you that they have insurance, you should ask to see proof.

Just about everything that comes out of their holes is a lie. They falsely claim themselves ‘rideshares’ and part of the new ‘sharing economy’ canard. They also claim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This idea makes absolutely no sense at all because while most Uber, Lyft and SideCar vehicles run solely on gas, almost all San Francisco taxicabs are hybrids or alternative fuel vehicles as mandated by local law. NOETS claim to be taking vehicles off the road and therefore reducing greenhouse gas emissions. But, in reality these services encourage people to put more cars on the road conveying passengers which would otherwise be taken by an already existing taxi.

While corporate media outlets and government officials consistently cheerlead and provide cover for NOETS, their drivers are on the streets violating the law with impunity every single day. These services are only allowed to exist and proliferate because they have backing from the United Nations, implemented (like all things Agenda 21) on a regional and local level.

Agenda 21

In 1992, the UN published a book called Agenda 21: Earth Summit: The United Nations Programme of Action from Rio. The gist of this book is that local governments should do A, B and C because man-made global warming is a problem. One must admit that man-made global warming has been and is being used as a reason for making public policy decisions. Most of the ‘green,’ ‘smart’ and ‘sustainable’ rhetoric bantered about so often these days is a result of this book and the UN’s subsequent public relations campaigns.

If you want to learn all about Agenda 21 and how groups mentioned here are Agenda 21 implementors, I suggest the first thing you do is watch Santa Rosa, CA activist and author Rosa Koire on the Alex Jones Show from a little over a year ago. (Source)

Rosa was on the inside as a career commercial real estate appraiser when Agenda 21 came to town and she’s been fighting it tooth and nail ever since.

Maybe you’ve heard of Glenn Beck’s book Agenda 21. Don’t bother reading it. Glenn Beck is a phony. If you want the real deal, go see Rosa Koire. Here is a link to her incredible book Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21.

Rosa names names as she exposes the central thrust of Agenda 21; redevelopment.

NOETS fit into Agenda 21 as transportation services. Redevelopment involves changing transportation systems as well as zoning and land use.

The Evidence 

The first clue that NOETS are Agenda 21 is their consistent use of the ‘green,’ ‘smart’ and ‘sustainable’ terminology. This terminology was popularized by Agenda 21 and the United Nations. These services also suggest that they represent social justice in the face of a tyrannical system much like so many of today’s global warming activists. Both NOETS and Agenda 21 claim to seek social justice through environmentalism.

Agenda 21 the book says:

In order to enhance the skills of energy service and transport professionals and institutions, all countries should, as appropriate raise public awareness of the environmental impacts of transport and travel behaviour through mass media campaigns and support for non-governmental and community initiatives promoting the use of non-motorized transport, shared driving and improved traffic safety measures. 

The Southern California Association of Governments (southern California’s regional Agenda 21 implementing group) released a document in 2009 which mentions Zimride (Lyft’s parent company) by name. Here are some excerpts from ‘Maximizing Mobility in Los Angeles – First & Last Mile Strategies:’ 

A key barrier will have to be overcome is the fear of the public realm. This can be addressed via marketing programs and social networking. ZimRide, as described in Chapter 6, is a model which provides some sense of pre-screening. Zimride is a social-networking site like Facebook to match drivers and passengers on university campuses or at companies. Programs such as this can help introduce casual carpooling to Los Angeles. [sic] 

It continues:

In order for casual carpooling to gain a presence in Los Angeles, a first step would be to expand instant ride-matching services in order to encourage people to carpool on an occasional basis. This can be accomplished in the short-term through increased marketing of existing ride-matching services and by forming partnerships with the private sector to implement new ride-matching technologies. 

A little later they write:

Capital costs to promote casual carpooling might include new or enhanced software to increase the speed and accuracy of matches, or start-up costs to assist private sector organizations in establishing themselves in the market.

Lastly, they write, “Casual carpooling can be expanded upon through partnerships with the private sector.”

Casual carpooling can be done legally and, in the opinion of this author, is a good thing. But, Zimride and Lyft are not carpools of any sort. From an Agenda 21 document, Zimride and Lyft have metastasized into taxicabs.

Meanwhile, NOETS get cover from local government overlords. Our fabulous and god-like ruler of San Francisco, mayor Ed Lee (his hair is simply amazing!) used his State of the City Address recently to lavish praise upon Uber, Lyft and SideCar. On Jan. 28 of this year, Mr. Lee said, “And we’re embracing alternate forms of transportation through the new ‘Sharing Economy,’ … a growing number of San Franciscans look to their smartphones every day to summon a taxi, an Uber sedan, or participate in innovative rideshare services like SideCar and Lyft.” (Source)

Mayor Edwin Lee sits on the Association of Bay Area Govenrments’ executive board. His appointee also sits on the Metropolitan Transportation Commission. Both the Association of Bay Area Governments and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission are Agenda 21 implementation groups.

Uber has protection from on high. When the state regulatory body in Colorado overseeing car services was about to make proposed refinements to their laws which would effectively kick Uber out of the State, the Federal Trade Commission intervened stating that the federal government needs to ‘protect innovation.’ The case has now been delayed. (Source)

Uber, Lyft and SideCar get cover from the media. Corporate media outlets constantly refer to NOETS as ‘rideshare services’ when they have very little to do with legal ridesharing and everything to do with gypsy cabs. The illegalities of these services are rarely, if ever discussed. NOETS are almost always portrayed as ‘innovative,’ ‘smart,’ ‘dynamic’ and ‘new.’ Most corporate media stories about these services read like advertisements rather than articles.

Lastly, I have received a confirmation from Rosa Koire. I sent her an email describing the situation and she responded by writing, “I agree with your analysis of this encroachment into the licensed conveyance business and your astute linkage of this with Agenda 21. UN Agenda 21 is about disruption and destruction (they call it ‘transformation’) of the current rule of law.” She continues, “This plan is designed to fragment and exhaust our forces, and destroying the independent taxicab business is part of it.


Although other Agenda 21 groups are involved, the group most directly responsible for this implementation of Agenda 21 here in San Francisco, is a group called TransForm. Andy Katz and Stuart Cohen are two TransForm representatives who actively advocate NOETS. Andy Katz is a former Chair of Sierra Club California. The Sierra Club is deeply involved in implementing Agenda 21. Stuart Cohen previously worked for the International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI); the big kahuna of Agenda 21 implementors.

The Crimes of the UN 

You may have supposed that the UN is there to help. That is the public image they promote. They seem nice enough. I mean, the Super Friends live there, right?

I used to think the UN was good, too, until I looked into it. Although the corporate media largely portrays the UN as some sort of divine group of saint-like activists altruistically striving for world peace, the reality is much different.

The UN is a mass murder machine hell bent on establishing an authoritarian world government. Do you know about the sex, drugs and weapons trafficking? Have you heard of their funding terrorism? What do you know about the UN providing the incentive to destroy entire villages in Africa? The UN has been historically and is currently a staunch supporter of aggressive military actions all over Africa, the Middle East and the world. This is all just scratching the surface.

For crying out loud, every robber baron and his grand daddy founded the thing! Now, do you really think that they’re just here to help?

Why does the UN need a military? They have both their proprietary forces and NATO. If the UN is so beneficent, then why do they need legions of roughnecks who specialize in killing people and breaking stuff?

One also might think that the UN is just not powerful enough to pull off something like Agenda 21. They are. Our Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta testified before congress last year that he and his generals do not answer to the American congress, rather they work for the UN.

These people are bold! That’s power! They’re doing it right in front of our faces and figuring that we’re too ignorant to notice and understand.


This investigation concludes that TransForm is pulling the strings here. NOETS are an Agenda 21 implementation first and foremost and TransForm is doing the implementing. I wouldn’t be surprised if TransForm has been coordinating public relations campaigns for Uber, Lyft and SideCar. I wonder what other types of protection and encouragement TransForm provides.

Now that we have identified the enemy, we can engage them in the information war. Please join me. Their names are Andy Katz and Stuart Cohen. They work for a group called TransForm. They are responsible for Uber, Lyft and SideCar here in San Francisco. Respectfully resist everything they propose. They will undoubtedly deny all of this. Know that they come from a very dark place. We must be the light reacting to their darkness. We win by knowing our enemy and dealing with him appropriately.


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