Mystery Military Men in Boston Were Part of WMD Response Team

Updated with video footage showing their reaction to the bomb.

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After much speculation around the mysterious “military contractor” types with black backpacks in the bomb zone of the Boston Marathon before and after the explosions took place, it has been revealed that they were part of an elite government WMD response team.

Originally thought to be Navy SEALs in civilian field gear, or private mercenaries from The Craft due to one member wearing a hat with their logo, the Weapons of Mass Destruction-Civil Support Team (WMD-CST) that was on duty in Boston during the attack is run by the National Guard.

“There are two CSTs that are engaged out there (in Boston) in the response… In fact, one of the first images that I saw was the Massachusetts CST was actually right there,” said Wisconsin CST commander Lt. Col. David W. May on April 16th.

Steve Watson of Infowars reports, “CSTs are The National Guard’s full-time response force for emergencies or terrorist events involving weapons of mass destruction, toxic chemicals, or natural disasters. CSTs are routinely pre-staged at large public events to help mitigate risks and assist civilian authorities.”

The National Guard explains the role of CSTs in more depth in the video below:

CST units were originally organized under the 10 FEMA regions but now operate in every US state and territory:


The classified Presidential Directive 39 that created this elite group was signed by President Clinton two months after the Oklahoma City Bombing to have “the ability to respond rapidly and decisively to terrorism directed against us wherever it occurs, to protect Americans, arrest or defeat the perpetrators, respond with all appropriate instruments against the sponsoring organizations and governments and provide recovery relief to victims, as permitted by law.”

The keyword “response force” seems an odd name for units that were clearly working the Boston Marathon prior to bombs going off.

According to a report from Global Security Newswire, New York’s CST was sent to Boston before the marathon:

The roughly 20-person New York unit — based at Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn — dispatched five personnel to Boston after receiving a request last Friday from the Massachusetts state government, said Eric Durr, public information director for the New York state Military and Naval Affairs Division. 

“Anytime you’ve got a high-key event where there’s lots of people, there’s usually a … unit from a civil support team in the area to provide assistance to first responders,” Durr told Global Security Newswire by telephone. He declined to discuss specifics of how the 24th personnel provided assistance following the Monday attack.

Yet, another report contradicts that and says NY 24th WMD-CST showed up only after the bombing.

“The 24th National Guard WMD-CST team has done exceptional job, not just in New York, but also in Boston where they were on the ground responding to the horrific attack on the marathon,” said US Rep. Michael Grimm (R-C-Bay Ridge-Staten Island) of the unit who “went to Boston after the bombing.”

So what is the official version? Were they there before the event or dispatched after the bombing?

Regardless, it’s clear from the photos that this team was in place prior to the event and their role in responding to WMD attacks would seem to explain the radiation detector one of them was carrying after the bomb exploded:

The original speculation that this team was part of the Blackwater-type mercenary organization called The Craft came from a hat worn by one of the CST soldiers displaying the company’s logo. Craft uses a skull logo on their gear as shown in the image below.

Upper left is CST soldier in Boston – Upper right is Craft hat for sale in their shop
Bottom is Craft founder and ex-Navy SEAL Chris Kyle (deceased) in the same hat

This confusion can be that this member may have received training from The Craft whose unofficial motto is “Violence does solve problems”, according to their website.

Now that we know who these mystery men are, it still seems odd that they were lurking in the shadows of a sporting event that happened to experience a terror attack.

And it does appear that a backpack carried by one of these agents was the one implicated to have delivered the bomb:

Yet, this recently released footage seems to show the same CST guy, still wearing his backpack after the first bomb goes off, running toward the bomb area to be a first responder. As soon as the bomb goes off, these guys seem to jump into action and move bravely toward the explosion while the crowd seeks to scurry away.  Again, he still has his backpack on. They come into view at the 5-second mark from the left side of the screen.

One thing is certain, the CST was deployed prior to the normally peaceful event and they happened to be at the exact right place (the finish line) at the exact right time (just before the bombs went off).

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