15-Year-Old Girl Demolishes Gun Control Arguments

Activist Post

States continue to wrestle with gun control in the wake of incidents such as Sandy Hook. In response, Connecticut predictably just passed the most restrictive package of bills in the nation, while other states are taking a 180-degree different direction. As noted by ABA Law Journal, “According to the Wall Street Journal, more states have passed laws expanding rather than restricting gun rights since the December shootings in Connecticut.”

Impassioned arguments can be heard on both sides, but it is those made on the side of personal liberty, responsibility and the duty to protect oneself and their family that we find most compelling. We have posted several powerful speeches (here, here, and here) which have combined emotion with solid facts and adherence to constitutional principles. The video below is going ultra viral and is a welcome addition to the catalog.

Let us keep putting forward the documented evidence that guns preserve liberty rather than embody a prime evil. It’s more important than ever to draw a line in the sand, as the U.N. has formally introduced sweeping gun control measures to which they expect the United States to succumb.

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