What Really Happened to Monica Quan and Keith Lawrence? Was an Innocent Man Barbecued at Big Bear?

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Ruth Hull
Activist Post

Usually when someone is executed, there is an arrest, an arraignment, a Grand Jury indictment or preliminary hearing information, a second arraignment, jury selection, a trial, a conviction, a sentencing hearing, appeals and a last meal. Law enforcement in California has found a new approach to criminal justice. It is the barbecue-them-in-the-cabin technique.

In California’s new criminal justice program, a lot of money is theoretically saved by not having to worry about investigations paperwork, discovery, hearings, the cost of a jury, judicial salaries, clerks’ salaries, reporters’ salaries, executioner’s salaries and so forth. Given that nobody has been executed in CA in years, the barbecue technique is the most certain and fastest way to the particular goal of terminating a California resident with prejudice – in theory. So now, we can forget about irrelevant details like the Constitutions of the United States and the State of California, the California Penal Code, and the beyond-a-reasonable-doubt standard.

At this point, it probably doesn’t make any sense to ask who really killed Monica Quan and Keith Lawrence. After all, with the execution over and done with, why should anyone care what happened to these individuals? It’s not my problem or yours. The media is busy making money off the uncorroborated and unsupported official story. But if you are crazy like me and still think that that two-and-a-quarter-century-old document called the Constitution matters, you might be interested in finding out what really happened to these two lovebirds.

Under the official story, at 9:10 P.M on February 3, 2013 a couple, walking through the upper floor (roof level) of the parking garage at 2100 Scholarship, Irvine CA, spotted a man and woman slumped over inside a car that reportedly belonged to Keith Lawrence.

None of the reports mention any bullet holes in the vehicle, just the slumped over bodies. The car was parked in a “guest” parking space 269 or 271, according to an informant. (see photograph).

(parking space close-up)

This is a security garage. To get in through either the car gates or the pedestrian entrance, a remote control or a code is required. This means, in all likelihood, someone let the assailant into the garage. This writer got in, but this writer is not a big Black guy in a million dollar area of one of the most racist counties in America. While there may not have been much in the way of cameras, there were lights including one right where Keith parked.

(walk-through security gate)

( drive-through security gate)

Keith was a Fullerton Police Officer. Police officers continue to carry their guns with them when they are off duty. Monica had grown up in a police family and would have been trained from childhood to be on alert too. Unless invited, Chris would have been out of place in that garage and Keith likely would have gone for his gun, instinctively – unless he trusted Chris Dorner. Unless Chris were a friend, he would not have known which parking space Keith would take, a necessary bit of information for hiding out and lying in wait. It is unlikely that Chris could have shot both Keith and Monica without one of the two getting off a counter-shot. So you have an assailant who is let into the parking structure and allowed to approach the car of his armed victims prior to their deaths. If Chris Dorner were on some kind of vendetta against Monica’s father, is it likely she and her fiancé Keith would have allowed him into the parking garage and close to the vehicle­­­?

Another interesting fact is that no shots were heard by any of the tenants. Unless Arlen Specter wants to return from the dead and present another miracle bullet theory, there would have been at least two shots. The coroner’s report stated there were multiple gunshot wounds. (Source)

That’s a lot of noise to miss in a high volume residential area. If there was any shattered glass from exit wounds, that would have made noise too. Regarding exit wounds, there is no mention in any of the articles of the reporting couple seeing any bullet holes in or damage to the windows. So if any windows were broken, it was likely after the police arrived. The car actually looks in pretty good shape for a vehicle in which numerous shots were reportedly fired. See the image of the small car in this video. Also look at the laughs and happy smile on the face of Head Coach Jenny Hansen (Concordia University, women’s basketball) as she joyfully speaks about her friend Monica, who had just been shot to death. (Shades of Sandy Hook.)

As there were no shots heard, did the murders even take place in the garage? It is a large condominium complex with a great many people, most of whom have a handy pair of things called “ears.” Also, some of the residents have dogs and dogs often react to noises like firecrackers and guns shots, thereby bringing these matters to the attention of their owners. The lack of noise and lack of any evidence of gunfire in the parking garage would make sense if Monica and Keith had been killed elsewhere and then driven back to the parking garage with the killer using the remote to drive the couple up to the top floor? Did Keith have any enemies he might have met with elsewhere?

Adding to the oddities is that nobody at the condo seemed to have known the couple but had only heard about them after the shooting. It was reported that they had rented a one-bedroom apartment and this was why one of their cars had to be parked in the guest parking on the roof. This also explains why the Orange County Assessor and Recorder have no property records for either Monica Quan or Keith Lawrence in Orange County.

As eager as the police seemed to be to convict Chris Dorner in the press without a trial, why would they not have released a video of Chris Dorner walking or driving away from the condo parking garage or of going to the parking garage earlier. (If he had returned the bodies in Keith’s car to the garage, he would have likely left by foot.) Whoever planned this out, may have noticed that there were no visible cameras in the parking garage at 2100. However, anyone entering or leaving would be seen from the video camera across the street at the 3000 building. According to Chris, a member of the plain clothes security detail across the street, the police confiscated the video. (Shades of 9/11/2001)

(car leaving 2100 and visible to camera across street)

(camera across the street)

Now, who would have known about the camera situation inside the 2100 garage? Who would Monica and Keith have trusted enough to meet or to allow close to their car? Chris Dorner didn’t live in the area.

According to various published accounts, down the street from the parking garage lived Captain Phil Tingirides with his wife Emada (a Sergeant on the LAPD) and six children. He worked with Monica’s father and also happened to be the chairman of the three-man committee that stripped Dorner of his badge for reporting another officer for misconduct. Dorner would have turned over to Tingirides the badge that was found in a dumpster either near the San Diego airport (near Harbor Island) (source) or in National City (source) or both. Though Captain Tingirides had a long-term marriage and six kids and (according to most media covering his connection) lived on that same street in that million dollar residential area, the records of the Orange County Assessor and Recorder show that he owns no property in Orange County. (Source)

Here is what the public is expected to believe. In a million dollar neighborhood in a racist area of the country, a large Black man breaks into a secured garage and is allowed by a police officer (who theoretically knows he’s hostile) to walk up to the officer’s car under a bright light and shoot the officer and his girlfriend (also from a police background) while nobody hears any shots and then departs, going both in and out of the garage in front of a video camera. Of course, the police (who want us to believe this) have failed to release the video footage that would show they were right about it being Chris Dorner who did all this.

When you add this improbable scenario to the unlikely ending at Big Bear (see Chris Dorner: Crazed Killer, Innocent Hero or Neither?), this begins to look less and less like real life and more and more like a poorly written movie plot.

Could the following preview have any relevance?

Ruth Hull is an activist and writer whose career has included work as a criminal defense attorney, a licensed private investigator, and an educator.

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10 Comments on "What Really Happened to Monica Quan and Keith Lawrence? Was an Innocent Man Barbecued at Big Bear?"

  1. Mitch Mitchell | October 29, 2014 at 5:43 pm | Reply

    Freedoms have no responsibillities. Where do you get that idea from? These freedoms are NOT yours to dole out as you see fit. They have been granted to ALL citizens of the United States of America. Where the like of you, and your masters, get the idea that for some reason you have some rights above those of us who do not wear your soiled and dishonoured uniform of oppression and crime, is beyond my understanding. You make up the “facts” to fit your story and anyone who does not agree with it automatically “wears a tinfoil hat”? There are innumerous murders and “killings” carried out by your forces right across the states, and no accounting kept of the number either, strange when you consider they keep an account of even the amount of toilet roll used. There is innumerous cases of child molestation by police officers in every state of the union documented and you are complaining about the writings of this article? I think you really need to get your priorities right. You want us to see your police force as heroes? Then start acting like heroes. Turn in the bad cops. Make a stand for the people and for truth.

  2. Check out the Discovery ID documentary “View to a Rampage” (part of the “See No Evil” docu-series) about this very case. (I’m watching it right now, AAMOF) I think you will be enlightened and your eyes opened…

    …Wrote the non-racist Caucasian female who grew up in O.C. (Huntington Beach) and was a dispatcher in L.A. County (Norwalk).

    If you want to argue the ‘California Injustice System’, get back onto your high horse, Ruth Hull, and debate why the state has not yet put to death the serial-killing couple who murdered 19-year-old Lynel Murray of/in Huntington Beach in November of 1986. James Marlow and Cynthia Lynn Coffman have been on Death Row for roughly 27 years — which is eight years beyond the age at which they killed one of my best friends.

  3. So, your name is “Anonymous”, but you’re also Keith’s partner? Gay partner? Police partner? Maybe you’re Terie Evans? The fact of the matter is that you went after an American and took away his due process. Yet don’t use the same tactics with all the gangs in LA? You’re a liar. Anyone could have written that “manifesto”. Show the video of the garage. You’re nothing but a shill spouting conjecture, disrespecting this great republic, and breaking your oath of office.

  4. You are incorrect about the 911 callers not reporting bullet damage to the windshield. I just heard it replayed and they certainly did say that. You have an extreme amount of bias for a supposed journalist. There are certain other “facts” that you are wrong about, also.

  5. Chris Dorner is God. keith lawrence and monica quan are his slaves for all eternity.

  6. The only good pig is a dead pig. Chris Dorner is God. keith is lucky to be his slave.

    • ihavenoideeer | April 5, 2017 at 10:04 am | Reply

      Again, die.

      • let me guess, you are no pig but a groupie? Don’t forget Gavin Long and Micah Xavier Johnson and the great works they’ve done. Proving that one well trained soldier is nearly too much for entire pig forces.

  7. ihavenoideeer | April 5, 2017 at 10:07 am | Reply

    Thank you. Monica was a cautious person but she wasn’t trained as a soldier. I don’t know how this so-called Journalist is assuming this information, but he couldn’t be further from the truth– “keith’s brother”

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