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She has interviewed big league activists like Rosa Koire (Behind the Green Mask: UN Agenda 21), investigative author Jim Marrs, Mario Ambrosini (MP, South Africa), musicians, child activists and many more – no topic seems off limits as she is incredibly well-read. She’s an old soul who outshines a lot of people’s intelligence, but thinks with her heart. She’s a dedicated info-activist while currently homeschooling in Canada. Oh yeah…and she only just recently turned 13!

Have you heard of her? Natalie-Marie Hart of Crystal Light Kids Radio asked me on her show that she single-handedly produces. It appeals to both kids and adults – a children’s network tackling world issues. She books her own guests, writes her questions, does her own editing, recording, posting and she even edits her guests’ pictures for her YouTube vids.

We talked about the problems in both Canada and US facing food freedom and the assault on small farms – but the topics didn’t stop there. You will not believe the material we covered in one hour (read more below). Listen to her version of Charlotte’s Web if it was rewritten for today.

She asked a variety of thought-provoking questions that led to topics like:

  • Corruption, force, and freedom.
  • Increase of chronic disease, Lyme disease, and what does the increase of gastrointestinal disorders correlate with?
  • The Cancer Industry, vaccine-injuries and healthy steps to take as an adult recovering from them, the Western-med paradigm.
  • Monsanto suing farmers and taking over the world.
  • What’s with the bees – where did they go?  
  • Jury nullification and useful activism.
  • What do you think of traditional foods? Are you a rebel who eats fat? Are you thriving as a vegan? Why does the UN want everyone to eat bugs?
  • History repeating itself – speaking of history – What do you think of public school versus unschooling? If you’re an adult can you still “unschool” yourself? 
  • If “me”-centered, tolerance, and anti-bullying are heavily taught in schools, then why are issues of low-self worth and bullying increasing? 

We shared stories about our public school and homeschool experiences. But you should hear her interesting questions – lots of food for thought.

It’s encouraging to hear the hope that comes from this sweet, bright young person who believes the best and fights the good fight. She is a graceful, captivating speaker. Also incredible to see many more kids and teens tackling the heady, complex issues Natalie-Marie does. And taking them on with poise, courage, humility, and heart.

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Heather Callaghan is a natural health blogger and food freedom activist. You can see her work at and Like at Facebook.

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