Gun Rights Face-off: The Constitution Vs. Dianne Feinstein

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Dianne Feinstein proves in the video below why she has been singled out by Defense Distributed as worthy of having a 3D printed AK magazine named after her. Feinstein’s assault weapons bill would ban the sale of 160 different assault weapons, as well as magazines carrying more than 10 rounds.

Senator Ted Cruz, who recently put AG Eric Holder on the hot seat over his clear misreading of the president’s constitutional right to kill U.S. citizens anywhere at any time if the circumstances are “extraordinary,” forces Feinstein to lash out with emotion and hyperbole, rather than answering questions central to constitutional principles and the rule of law.

Cruz compared her proposed ban as similar to banning books, to which Feinstein responded (with help from Sen. Patrick Leahy) that, yes, assault weapons are like child pornography.

As proponents of big government continue to assert that the same “personal defense weapons” for DHS are “assault weapons”  in the hands of citizens, the political fireworks have likely just begun.

Additional note: Feinstein’s position on supposedly saving lives by restricting personal defense weapons remains wildly hypocritical, as she continues to downplay (or outright lie) about the amount of civilians killed from the offensive U.S. government drone attacks overseas.

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