British Government Stripping Citizenships So The United States Can Kill Them?

Justin O’Connell
Activist Post

So you’re in an African prison and being tortured after being stripped of your citizenship while on vacation with your family. And then, during your kidnapping, you are forced to sign a Soviet-style confession at the hands of the CIA. That could be your fate if what is happening to British citizens is any sign. But it doesn’t end there…

When your family goes to the State Department or Foreign Office for help, your captors will tell your family there is nothing they can do. After all, you had been stripped of your citizenship.

You get extradited. Or you get killed abroad in a drone strike. Being stripped of your citizenship was merely a way of absolving your government of your murder. As a man or woman without a country, you don’t exist in the eyes of nation-states, and thus you can be murdered by any government and no other government will raise an eyebrow.

But you must have done something wrong, after all, to have your passport revoked.

If it says anything at all, your once-government lies and says that you were a high-profile terrorist.

You are now a confirmed kill.

Since the government likely canceled your passport while you were abroad, by the way, you can never come back home. Somebody else will enjoy your precious metals back home while you rot in a cell or are set up for murder. The appeals process, if you are allowed to walk free, is merely a game of chance.

The mainstream press has detailed that the British government has covertly rolled out a program of stripping individuals of their citizenship. Two of the 16 individuals whose citizenships have been revoked since 2010 were subsequently murdered in US-led drone attacks.

To top it off, long before their passports had been canceled, the 16 individuals had been subjected to “extensive surveillance by British intelligence.” Their every move, conversation and many intimate moments had been eavesdropped upon.

Of the 16 individuals stripped of their citizenship, five had been born in Britain. One lawyer commented that the UK’s practice “smacks of medieval exile, just as cruel and just as arbitrary.”

But this medieval exile is by no means arbitrary. It serves a distinct purpose.

Analysts are determining that once a UK citizen is stripped of citizenship, it is then easier for the US to designate them as enemy combatants, “to whom the UK owes no responsibility whatsoever.” So, depriving people of citizenship means that the British government can be absolved when the US uses drones to track someone and kill them.

That’s what happened to the British car valet Mohamed Sakr. You have to watch out for those pesky car valets.

In one case, a Sudanese-British man took his four British children and his wife on holiday. The father’s passport was revoked, and because their mother was not a citizen, the order effectively made it impossible for the children to grow up in Britain. A judge recognized the children’s rights to grow up in Britain, but determined that the grounds on which the father’s citizenship had been revoked “outweighed” the children’s rights.

Why wait around to have your passport revoked while you are out of country, leaving you practically paralyzed and unable to travel anywhere in the world. As a sitting duck you wait until one fateful day when your home Western nation cancels your citizenship and sends in the drones….

(TDV Passports can help you steer clear of governments like the US and UK who wantonly strip citizenships, allowing you to globetrot your life away, freer than the rest.) 
Justin O’Connell, a frequent contributor to The Dollar Vigilante, studied History and German Language at Linfield College in McMinnville, Oregon, where, in his spare time, he researched current events and their relationship to history. In his studies he has found that societies have been managed by philosophically-kindred ruling classes seeking persistently a singular, total order across the planet. Justin does not believe in government as a medium for human relationships, preferring instead the race of human ideas stemming from a diverse, vibrant culture. Currently, he is a proponent of physical silver as a means of wealth preservation and disobedience to the financial system, and lives in southern California. He writes at the Dollar Vigilante-inspired site, Silver Vigilante.

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