New Eugenics Weapon: FluBlok Insect Based Vaccine

Kenny Valenzuela
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The New World Order’s eugenicist program has gone into overdrive with the FDA’s approval of a new vaccine technology that uses insect cells to produce the ingredients needed for their toxic inoculations. Instead of using chicken eggs to grow the necessary viral components used in the vaccinators’ lancet, the pharmacratic dictatorship has pumped massive amounts of taxpayer dollars into this exotic technology to ensure eugenicists reach their goal of population elimination on a global scale.

FluBlok is the latest concoction being created by Protein Science Corporation which was bailed out in 2009 by the United States taxpayers in order to continue the research and development of this new population reduction weapon. Pumping tens of millions of dollars into this eugenics corporation will help to further the advancements and profit margins of the pharmaceutical industries killing machines by creating more customers identified in trials as ‘severe adverse effects’. Clinical trials have shown that this insect-based influenza vaccination has caused cardiac problems, respiratory disorders, and in one case the death of a trial participant.

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These medical Manchurians like to use double entendres to communicate their true objectives to the power-hungry elitists in charge. The name FluBlok would give you the impression that it blocks you from getting the flu, but instead it really blocks your ability to fight the flu. Bill Gates has said on numerous occasions that if they can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of vaccinations they would be able to lower populations by 10 to 15% worldwide. The vaccines are designed to injure and damage your immune system making you more susceptible to bacteria and viruses encountered in the wild.

We’re living on a modern-day Island of Dr. Moreau injecting the populace with genetically modified medicines that create new allergies, diseases and illnesses while the media spin them as medical miracles. The world is being used as a giant Petri dish with the goal of creating a constant state of pain and suffering which can only be alleviated through the use of their poisonous prescriptions called medications and vaccinations. The pharmaceutical corporations don’t care about people; they only care about profits, and the best way to ensure they make more profits is by turning people into patients and being alive into a diagnosis.

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