How Can Security Companies Have This Much Access to Our Computers?

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We featured an article yesterday about Obama’s looming cyberwar with China.  In that article is a video that deserves a post all on its own. The video shows the cyber security company Mandiant’s incredible ability to shadow every click supposedly made by the Chinese hackers.

It’s really unsettling to think that a private company located in California can remotely gain full access to a computer all the way in China. Imagine how easy it must be for them to access your computer.

Many of the comments below the video say this proxy has to be a fake hacker. Check out a few of them:

Hackers using windows…..

This is bullshit! Lol!!!! A hacker providing a landline phone number to google and using windows wrong commands. LOL!!! 

hackers using GUIs?!?! LMAO!!!!! Your’re doing it wrong…

 so, here’s the summary:
1. isn’t the IP address a proxy address?
-> hacked into the attackers box with reverse shell so, they got the real IP addr behind proxy. they got it right.
2. lol what kind of a hacker uses windows xp?
-> that’s just the VM he’s working in. host OS could be anything else. no hacker wants any kind of trace about their real OS.

China also vehemently denied and condemned the accusation. No surprise there, somebody’s lying and it’s probably the guy who benefits most from their lie. The bigger story may be how this company, or any company, can have that level of access to our computers.

Ask yourself, how is Mandiant allowed to spy on Internet users so thoroughly? Do they have the authority to do that to Americans? Who gave them this authority and with what oversight?

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