Colorado Anti-NDAA Bill Faces Final Stand

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Following a huge success on February 18th, 2013, where HB 1045 passed committee 7-4, Colorado’s Anti-NDAA bill a faces a possible defeat on the House floor.

HB 1045 is designed to counter the indefinite detention provisions, sections 1021 and 1022, of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act. These sections authorize the indefinite military detention, without charge or trial, of anyone who commits a “belligerent act,” or is suspected of terrorism, and violate over 13 provisions of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. the law has also been condemned by retired members of the Armed Forces, a current U.S. CongressmanFederal Judge Katherine B. Forrest, conservative pundit Rush Limbaugh, and the American Civil Liberties Union.

HB 1045 would restore the protections in the Bill of Rights for the people of Colorado, prohibit any person in the state from being indefinitely detained, and prohibit any person from applying the “laws of war” including detention and execution, in Colorado.

Now, according our sources, Rep. Bob Gardner will attempt to crush the bill on the House floor.

Rep. Gardner will attempt to kill the liberty of the people of Colorado, to violate his oath to the Constitution both as a representative and as a veteran of the United States Air Force, and allow the President of the United States to detain, and even execute, any person in Colorado.

Colorado, you have have awakened the sleeping giant. Now, We the People will respond.

According to our sources, we almost have the votes needed to pass. HB 1045 is scheduled for a vote on Monday, February 25th. If we bring enough pressure to Colorado this weekend, if we flood the inboxes, phone lines, and desks of these representatives with phone calls and emails, we can win this state back for liberty.

With your help, we won huge victories in Indiana, Montana, and Arizona. now, it’s time to bring that pressure to the Evergreen State.

You are the special forces, let’s take back Colorado for liberty.

Pick one, two, three or ten of these representatives and send a call and an email to thank them for supporting HB 1045 and protecting the civil liberties of the people of Colorado! (This will help secure them as supporters):

(We encourage anyone out of state to DEFINITELY still call and email, without mentioning the state you are calling from. Your support is crucial.)

-Perry Buck (R): [email protected] 303-866-2907

-Dominick Moreno (D): [email protected] 303-8662964

-Joe Salazar (D): [email protected] 303-866-2918

-Steve Lebsock (D): [email protected] 303-866-2931

-Lori Saine (R): [email protected] 303-866-2906

-Brian DelGrosso (R): [email protected] 303-866-2947

-Mark Waller (R): [email protected] 303-866-5523

-Clarice Navarro-Ratzalf (R): [email protected] 303-866-2905

-Tim Dore (R): [email protected] 303-866-2398

-Frank McNulty (R): [email protected] 303-866-2936

-Libby Szabo (R): [email protected] 303-866-2962

-Spencer Swalm (R): [email protected] 303-866-5510

-Chris Holbert (R): [email protected] 303-866-2933

-Carole Murray (R): [email protected] 303-866-2948

-Kevin Priola (R): [email protected] 303-866-2912

-Kathleen Conti (R): [email protected] 303-866-2953

-Ray Scott (R): [email protected] 303-866-3068

-Jeanne Labuda (D): [email protected] 303-866-2966

-Ed Vigil (R): [email protected] 303-866-2916

-Diane Mitschbush (D): [email protected] 303-866-2923

-Claire Levy (D): [email protected] 303-866-2578

-Bob Rankin (R): [email protected] 303-866-2949

-James Wilson (R): [email protected] 303-866-2747

-Lois Landgraf (R): [email protected] 303-866-2946

-Janak Joshi (R): [email protected] 303-866-2937

-Jerry Sonnenberg (R): [email protected] 303-866-3706

-Don Coram (R): [email protected] 303-866-2955

-Speaker Mark Ferrandino (D): [email protected] 303-866-2346

-Polly Lawrence (R): [email protected] 303-866-2935

Call these undecided representatives and tell them to honor their oath and support HB 1045!

We encourage anyone out of state to DEFINITELY still call and email, without mentioning the state you are calling from.

-Amy Stephens (R): [email protected] 303-866-2924

-Cheri Gerou (R): [email protected] 303-866-2582

-Paul Rosenthal (D): [email protected] 303-866-2910

-Pete Lee (D): [email protected] 303-866-2932

-Daniel Kagan (D): [email protected] 303-866-2921

-Max Tyler (D): [email protected] 303-866-2951

-Angela Williams (D): [email protected] 303-866-2909

On a final note, if you are a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces anyhere in the world, please contact Rep. Bob Gardner and tell him why you support HB 1045 and oppose the NDAA as a veteran:

Rep. Bob Gardner
Phone: 303-866-2191
Email: [email protected]

This could be the final stand for HB 1045. Let’s show the world what we can do.

Dan Johnson
Founder, PANDA
People Against the NDAA
[email protected]

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