Activist Rocker Seeks Crowdfunding for New Album

Extraordinarily talented musician with a message, Jordan Page, wants you to be a producer on his next album. Visit his IndieGoGo page here.

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Jordan Page is an independent, national touring artist whose music has inspired a whole generation of liberty minded, politically conscious people from all walks of life. Jordan’s songs are a call to action, to arms, and to take part in the 2nd American revolution. As a prominent voice in the Liberty Movement, Jordan has shared the stage with iconic Congressman Ron Paul 15 times and has toured relentlessly for 6 years spreading the message of personal liberty, sound money, non-interventionist foreign policy, and has become a major anti-war voice in the modern peace movement.

Jordan Page’s albums reflect the realities of a world torn by imperialism and war, eroding freedoms, and a sleeping populace. His songs are a full assault on the concerted effort to dumb down society, and they expose many truths hidden from view of the masses, while breaking the spell of apathy with information disguised as rock n’ roll.

This is a campaign to finance his next album. Anyone who owns his previous albums, Liberty, and Revolution EP know how powerful his music is and how dedicated he is to combating injustice through this medium. Being an independent artist is not always a path paved with gold, and this time around Jordan is calling on his fans and the whole patriot community to rally for him and create a truly grassroots-funded record. This next album is a major evolution for Jordan; politically, musically, and philosophically.

What’s sure to be a major hit from this collection is the song “Arm Yourselves” which is already getting a huge buzz from some recent performances including a headlining appearance at PAULfest in Tampa this past August. “Arm Yourselves” is a battle cry, a warning, and a prophecy; imploring all free men and women to rise up against their oppressors. Jordan calls everyone to arm themselves with their respective faith, their force of arms, and most importantly, with the truth. The song will be immediately followed by “Act Three,” an instrumental battle scene that is sure to transport listeners and raise pulses.

Listeners will hear hard rock songs like The Boiling Man, and The Great Culling, homages to the unfolding plans of the NWO, as well as acoustic protest ballads like Number Seven, which asks the listener to consider that all warfare is based on deception, so to what depth has the world been deceived by the events on 9/11/01? Expect to hear killer crossover songs with guest appearances by liberty movement hip hop all stars Frank Castle from Heistclick and Payday Monsanto. As with any Jordan Page record, no two songs sound the same, and there will be a variety of influences as Jordan explores multiple genres with his own style of poetry; beautiful and terrifying all at once.

Most people tell Jordan that once they listen to his albums, the discs never leave the CD player in their car, or they have to listen to certain songs every day to get the motivation they need to keep up the good fight. This album is taking Jordan’s music to the next level and every contribution will directly impact Jordan’s ability to continue his mission to educate and mobilize public resistance to tyranny through music.

Watch the two excellent music videos below for a sample of Jordan Page’s past work:

Become a producer of this album to help spread real music with the message of peace and freedom. Click HERE to visit his IndieGoGo campaign.

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