Seattle protester files suit after video shows police lie

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Mikael Thalen, Contributor
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Maria Morales, a 30-year-old Iraq war veteran, describes what happened to her at the 2012 May Day protests in Seattle.

“I have somebody’s knee right on my neck, I can’t breathe. I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t know what I did wrong, I don’t know what I’m being arrested for.”

Seattle police had their hands full when a peaceful protest turned violent after dozens of protesters in black clothing and masks began breaking windows, spray painting cars, and slashing tires. One officer was even reportedly hit in the face by a glass jar.

Seattle police officer Sonya Fry claimed that the arrest and later assault charge was because Morales had cursed at her and punched her in the chest. “If it’s your testimony against the testimony of a police officer, you’re going to lose every time,” said Darryl Parker, Morales’ lawyer.

Luckily for Morales video of her arrest appeared on YouTube, showing officer Sonya throwing Morales to the ground. The case against Morales was immediately dropped after the prosecution saw the video.

“I want to believe the reason people do their job is because they like it and they’re there to protect citizens and this is not something they should have done,” Morales said.

SPD would not comment on the case. Morales claims due to the lawsuit against her, shot lost her home and her job as an emergency medical technician. Morales who is pregnant, also says she is worried about the stress that has been put on her baby.

Morales says she hopes that her lawsuit against the city will stop other people from being falsely arrested in the future.

A girl is thrown onto bikes by her hair for trying to leave when police asked her to.

Mikael Thalen is a political activist and a self proclaimed history buff and current events junkie. He prides himself on being non partisan and standing up for fiscal responsibility and personal liberty in government. You may contact Mikael with your comments and questions.

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