Colbert Shines Light on Idaho’s Citadel Patriot Community

Amanda Warren
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Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert brings the upcoming Citadel community into the light with mostly harmless jabs.

First, Colbert of late night’s “Colbert Report” teases his audience with the promise of a great real estate opportunity. For some of you, this might just be the case … more on that below.

The Citadel is “a developing community of Patriots, currently evolving in the mountains of Idaho.” Lots of people are finding their own ways to come together with like-minded goals apart from government intrusion.

The Citadel is no different – what makes it unique is that they want its people to have a community-backed economy with help from a firearms company currently in the planning stages. As stated on their site:

The III Arms Company, current facilities located in West Virginia, was founded to act as the economic cornerstone of the Citadel. Forty-plus American Patriots pulled together to get this company off the ground to serve two purposes: To build solid fighting arms to defend Liberty and our fellow Patriots, and to raise revenue to build the Citadel.

Essentially, The Citadel describes its overall objective as forming a self-contained private property “built as a fortified bastion of liberty” – they liken it to a Disneyland for Patriots where one will find a visitor’s center, hotel, bank, churches, walking trails, and all manner of self-sufficiency in action. As part of the core mission, the leader is described only as “the ideal of Jefferson’s Rightful Liberty

One thing is for certain: when your platform is brought to light by one of the big dogs of late night comedy: you’ve made it.

Will these types of large-scale, patriot-themed communities spread across the nation as America’s traditional leaders continue to erode basic freedoms? Have you heard about other communities with similar themes? Please leave your comments below. 

You can find the full details of this Patriot community on their website: III Citadel Blog.

Other sources: 
JG Vibes wrote this report on the project.

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