You Are Playing In a Game With No Rules

Dave Hodges, Contributor
Activist Post

We sit in the aftermath of Sandy Hook debating what to do about the murder of innocent men, women and children in America’s gun free zones.

There are some politicians, two in Arizona, who want to protect our children while they attend schools. Arizona State Attorney General, Tom Horne, has unveiled a plan in which each school campus in my home state would be required to have at least one armed staff member. In my opinion that is not enough, but at least it is a productive start.

Hypothetically, can anyone argue that schools would be the safest place in America if 10 staff members on each campus were trained and armed? The question is rhetorical because the answer is obvious.

Horne’s idea is not new. In fact, he is copying what my friend, former Arizona State Senator Jack Harper proposed four years ago. Harper’s idea was soundly defeated and continued to leave Arizona’s students defenseless. I call Harper a friend because he was helpful in helping me save my community of 2000 rural residents from having their homes stolen by the State of Arizona without a plan in place to pay one dime in compensation. Why was this done to us? Because my community sits near a planned CANAMEX Highway, as well as the fact that we sit on the state’s largest underground water aquifer. We are in the way; the powers that be wanted us gone, and they did not want to pay anything for the planned loss of our properties.

Because I became the spokesperson of our community, this launched my writing and radio career. Jack Harper, like a lot of politicians, knows the score about the globalists takeover of this country.

Once a rising star in Arizona state politics, Jack Harper made the mistake of challenging voter fraud in Arizona. As a result of his vocal attacks on the lack of integrity on the voting system in place in Maricopa County, Jack’s political career went south and he was increasingly portrayed as a delusional conspiracy theorist who was prone to knee-jerk reactions.

The point in bringing up Harper is that there are politicians who fully understand that our country has been conquered and, as a result, when they challenge the status quo, they are marginalized. The point of the Harper revelation is to point out that there will be politician who will ride in on their white horse and save the day. Where will the resistance come from, you ask? Look in the mirror, because the American people are on their own, and God help us if we ever give up our guns.

Harper and Horne’s idea of arming school personnel goes a long way toward protecting our children. I predict that Horne’s idea will suffer the same fate as Harper’s. Protecting the children, in fact, protecting all of the citizens in the United States is the not the objective of the Obama Administration! Ask yourself, would it be easier to protect school children by arming trained personnel or to risk civil war by confiscating guns? Further, Obama’s children are protected by 11 armed guards while they attend school. Why are Obama’s children more precious and deserve more protection than the Sandy Hook children?

Anyone with an IQ over room temperature should realize that getting our guns is the sole objective of these false flag attacks. Whether Sandy Hook was a false flag event, or not, the children at Sandy Hook are NWO fodder for gun confiscation. On that point, there can be no argument. Therefore, if the government does not want to directly protect our children, why are they going through the charade to get our guns in the name of protecting our children? George Orwell would be proud of this 1984 example of doublespeak.

Why They Want Our Guns

If you were going to rob one of two homes, what would you choose? Would you choose a home that clearly has armed family members; or, would you choose the home where the best weapon in the house is a butter knife? This is the choice being made by the Obama Administration. They have plans to loot your personal resources as they simultaneously facilitate your demise. In the following paragraphs, you will see why you must be disarmed at all costs.

The United States has unsustainable debt. The United States is crumbling under the burden of empire and is fighting wars we cannot afford. The United States treasury has been plundered by the bankers and, with QE unlimited, there is no end to the plundering caused by the illegal banker activities involving the futures and derivatives markets. The dollar will collapse. It is no longer a matter of if, but when. The globalists are taking steps to steal as many assets from the American people as possible before the collapse.

For example, the Federal Reserve is printing $40 billion dollars per month in mortgage backed securities (MBS), each and every month, in order to buy properties in the United States. The total estimated real estate worth of the United States is placed at a little over $23 trillion. When one begins to calculate the real estate acquisition power of the Federal Reserve’s MBS program being done with OPM (other people’s money)  – i.e. your money and my money – one does not have to be economic expert to spell the word feudalism. Just like in the movie, Hunger Games, the government will soon be the major landlord in America as it moves to control all important resources.

Does the current mortgage-related fraud make a little more sense to you now? Does the collapse of the housing bubble, which significantly lowered the net worth of the nation’s real estate market come into play as we watch the Federal Reserve gobble up $40 billion dollars of property each month at dramatically reduced prices brought on by their illegal Wall Street Ponzi schemes? Even Ray Charles could see that these events are not coincidental. But hold on to your hat, as this is just the beginning.

On August 9th of 2012, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that once a depositor places money in the bank, the bank can do whatever they see fit with your money. In other words, the assets in your bank account could be stolen tomorrow and there is not a damn thing you can legally do about it. The canary in the mine for this violation of the public trust took place with MF Global when Jon Corzine, former Goldman Sachs official as well as the former Governor and Senator from New Jersey, oversaw the theft of $1.2 billion in secured private investment accounts. In other words, this money had already been earned and was not at risk, but it was stolen; and the government overseer of this industry, CME’s Gary Gensler (a former Goldman Sachs official) refused to act on the theft of accounts overseen by Corzine. But it gets worse.

Do you remember that little organization called MERS which was caught selling multiple notes representing one individual mortgage note? Your mortgage note could literally be held by a couple of dozen mortgage companies that could move to foreclose on your mortgage note even though you are current on your payments. I did a brief check on my note and did a title search. Fortunately, I can only find one mortgage note to my property. However, when I looked at the mortgage agreement I have with Wells Fargo, it specifically states – in the fine print of course – that Wells Fargo retains the right to sell my mortgage note and is not responsible for the conduct of any party connected to the transaction. In simple terms, this is a license to steal. According the authoritative book, Clouded Titles, hundreds of thousands of properties have been stolen in this manner.

Now ask yourself, if you knew that you were about to lose everything, what would you do? Well, you would have a garage sale in which you would try and get as much value as you could for things that would not be of use to you following your economic collapse. This is what is happening today in America’s markets and the Federal Reserve is behind it. THEY KNOW THAT AN ECONOMIC COLLAPSE IS COMING AND THEY ARE TRYING OBTAIN AS MANY ASSETS AS POSSIBLE!

To add fuel to the fire, America sits on the precipice of the fiscal cliff. Your taxes are about to rise significantly. The estate tax policies will become draconian and the middle class generational transmission of wealth will be all but halted. People on fixed incomes will suffer greatly and some will be forced out of their homes; of course Helicopter Ben will be there to swoop up the crumbs with their MBS. Doctors treating the elderly will see an income reduction of 30%. Who will be left to medically treat the elderly? When granny dies because she cannot get her heart medication, how are family members going to respond?

We are witnessing the Great American Fire Sale brought to you by the five megabanks on behalf of the Federal Reserve.

In parts one and two of this series, I spoke about how I personally know two ex-intel types who have already relocated to enclaves of like-minded people to what they believe to be safer areas. I personally know of a third person who is in preparation. They tell stories of coming gun confiscation and draconian gun enforcement, the rationing of resources, even more horrific false flag events which will be used to justify the seizing of our guns and yet, even worse unspecified events.

Some of you have demanded names, on these three families, but I cannot break the confidence. All of you in the media understand the importance of not giving up the identity of your sources. I will say this: one source is a family who I originally had a professional relationship with and it grew into a sharing of confidences. This family has already relocated and I will not likely hear from them again. Their move was disruptive to the children of the family and their timetable was greatly accelerated.

Another source I have had for 4 years. The person is an in-law of a very close friend who I have known for years. Each encouraged me to come forward in a general way so people would start to prepare. I have held this information for some time because I did not think I would be believed. However, it was only after Doug Hagmann came out with information from his DHS insider that, to some extent, validated what I had been told, did I decide to print what I know. I am hoping that more unnamed sources will come forward in order that we can establish a preponderance of the evidence which will get people to stand up for their rights, their futures and their children.

I have written statistics courses for colleges. I have overseen master’s theses as a research instructor and consultant. I deal in facts and data and I am better at these skills than most. I do not like using unnamed sources, except I think, in this case, the importance and urgency of the message outweighs the validity component. At the same time, I would be skeptical of the veracity of these claims as well without further proof. Therefore, let me turn my attention to verifiable intelligence sources, which accurately predicted what is happening in our time.

You want names, you say? My current sources are out of bounds. However, my news director for my talk show, Annie DeRiso, and I have intelligence community contacts which goes back almost two decades who warned us of the times that we live in now. Annie was married to Bill Pawelec, who was a freelance CIA operative. Bill and I had been friends for years prior to his meeting Annie. At the time Bill contracted terminal cancer, Bill was in the process of planning to build a self-sustaining community in the approximate vicinity of Pagosa Springs, Colorado, which was going to be inhabited by like-minded intelligence community types. This was such a serious endeavor that he and former NSA operative, Vance Davis, were in contact with the now defunct Enron Corporation to facilitate the construction. Bill and Vance invited me to participate, so I had first knowledge of their plans.

Annie and I also had a lot of contact with the now deceased NSA operative AC Griffith, who was a guest on my show several times. Griffith warned Annie and I about the coming gun confiscation which would utilize goon squads who would go house to house and eliminate any opposition. AC said that they did not have the ability to canvas that many homes, but would work on the principle that the IRS uses when dealing with tax cheats. Namely, they rule by intimidation by publicly punishing the few they catch in very harsh ways so as to intimidate the population. Griffith also warned of an ever-increasing set of false flag events to come over the country as an excuse to impose martial law. Following his death, those closest to him find themselves being followed and harassed and have ceased any level of activism.

For the naysayers, how is this for naming names? And while we are at it, in Jim Marrs’ most recent appearance on my talk show, he revealed that several hundred banking officials have stepped down from their positions and have not been heard from. Interestingly, in the Hagmann interview, his DHS source alluded to the fact that DHS and Wall Street have parallel agendas. America, you are living history, right here and right now.

The forces from the Federal Reserve are poised to literally steal as much as they can from Americans before the economic collapse. And before the economic collapse, the government must get our guns. President Obama and Barbara Boxer are openly talking about the banning of guns. California and New York are poised to “buy back” guns. Seemingly, everywhere in the media, everyone is talking about banning guns. Again, I repeat, if the powers-that-be would refuse to directly protect our schoolchildren with armed guards on the campuses, then we have a right to question their motives in wanting to seize our guns.

Genocides are preceded by gun confiscation. Revolutions are headed off by gun confiscations. What are Obama and his handlers heading off? I believe that you have all the information you need to answer the question. When Americans cannot feed their children, when they have no hope, when the world that they know is gone, they will seek vengeance. Any government under these circumstances would be crazy not to respond. And respond they have, as the entire InfoWars team and popular talk show host, Michael Rivero had their Facebook accounts suspended.

You want more, you are going to get more unless I suffer the fate of Breitbart. If you cannot handle the fact that your life is going to change significantly, then go read a book about how to water your garden, or go watch American Idol. For those who feel that they need this information to start to prepare to survive what is coming, there will be more information coming forth that I pray you and your family can use.

Ex-Feds and Wall Street Execs Are Going Into Hiding – Why?
Insiders Warn of More False Flags to Confiscate Guns

Dave is an award winning psychology, statistics and research professor, a college basketball coach, a mental health counselor, a political activist and writer who has published dozens of editorials and articles in several publications such as Freedoms Phoenix, News With Views and The Arizona Republic.

The Common Sense Show features a wide variety of important topics that range from the loss of constitutional liberties, to the subsequent implementation of a police state under world governance, to exploring the limits of human potential. The primary purpose of The Common Sense Show is to provide Americans with the tools necessary to reclaim both our individual and national sovereignty.

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