Yes Virginia, There is a MonSanta!

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Jacque Union
Activist Post

Something scary happened in 1897.

Eight-year-old Virginia O’Hanlon wrote a letter to the editor of New York’s Sun, and the quick response was printed as an unsigned editorial Sept. 21, 1897, which went on to become world famous.

In the letter to the newspaper, Virginia asked if there really is a Santa Claus. Her “Papa” had told her “if you see it in The Sun, then it’s true.” The little girl then asked the editor of the paper to “please tell me the truth…”

The editor wove a cleverly crafted story, essentially convincing the little girl that a myth is truth. And we’ve all been lied to by the mainstream media, happily ever after.

In fact, the media has no shame.

Last month, my local newspaper, carried an article with the following bold headline:

Last call for farmers to help out non-profit organizations 
Community members can now encourage farmers to support their cause

The article told how farmers can enter to win an opportunity to direct $2500 to their favorite local non-profit organization.

This year, the entire community has a voice. Rural community members can suggest a local nonprofit idea or initiative that needs funding in their local community…. 

‘Farmers have really stepped up to the plate since launching in 2010 and have thoughtfully chosen thousands of deserving organizations to receive the $2500 donations,’ said Deborah Patterson, Monsanto Fund president. 

Excuse me! Did somebody just say, Monsanto?

America’s Farmers Grow CommunitiesSM is sponsored by Monsanto. Since launching the program in 2010, Monsanto has invested more than $7 million in rural America through Grow Communities. In one state alone, over $30,000 will be distributed among rural counties for the purpose of brainwashing helping farmers strengthen their own towns and communities. Recipients of Monsanto money via this program have gone to ag youth, community improvement, education and service organizations.

And by golly, not to be outdone by any other do-gooder, Monsanto has figured out a way to direct even more money into counties that the USDA has declared as “natural disasters” due to the drought.

Aren’t you just busting at the seams with pride and joy in this endeavor? Aren’t you chomping at the bit to get your entry filled out online at

Betcha can’t wait to join Monsanto in their overall effort to support rural America! Oh, wait…..

Yes, that’s right; after a bold headline and two columns of propaganda, in tiny print at the very bottom of the article, you discover you’ve just swallowed a well disguised, paid advertisement.

Where I come from, that’s a dirty trick.

My “local” newspaper (which is no longer local since it sold out to Medianews Group Inc.), is a shill for Monsanto and a myriad of left leaning political, biased and totally one-sided gigs. Like most all mainstream media, this newspaper prints myths wrapped up as truth, smiling all the while.

But it’s not just a measly little newspaper “article” promoting Monsanto as a harmless, sweet little lamb that is worrisome. There is so much more propaganda coming at rural America; as far as I can tell, farmers don’t even know what hit them, when it comes to Monsanto.

Every month I get FREE beautiful quality, full color magazines promoting Monsanto and other well known “chemical weapons farming” products and practices. I don’t knowingly subscribe to, or order these; they show up at my address because I’m involved in agriculture.

All I know is, Successful Farming and Farm Journal magazines are in the mailbox year after year without my input or renewal. When these outfits call me occasionally, doing surveys, etc., I tell them I don’t want their magazines, but they keep sending them anyway. Roundup Ready PLUS gets star billing, along with corn herbicides by Bayer, and all the latest Genetically Modified, triple “Biostacked” seeds.

Golly! These beautiful magazines are just brimming with beautiful pictures of fine looking farmers working the land, telling their stories, and promoting responsible care of the soil. You’d think companies like DuPont and Monsanto really love farmers…really care about the health of the soil…or about you and me.

Honestly Virginia, if it weren’t for chemical herbicides and genetically modified seeds and the huge increase in yield they offer, the world would be starving to death!

Around the word, it’s critical to not only work to feed the hungry but to develop a deeper understanding of the barriers and solutions to hunger solutions. A new tool, the Global Food Security Index, commissioned by DuPont, helps accomplish that by capturing the impact of changes in food prices. ‘This innovative new tool is going to help us better understand the root causes of hunger,’ said James Borel, executive vice president of DuPont.

“The 2012 GAP Report [Global Agricultural Productivity Report] determines that we cannot meet future global food demand unless agricultural productivity increases are achieved in every region of the world,” said Margaret Ziegler, executive director of GHI. (Farm Journal, mid November, 2012, “Hunger Hides” p.24-26)

GHI stands for Global Harvest Initiative, founded by agri-business giants, Monsanto, Dupont, and John Deere. GHI describes itself as a “Private-sector voice for productivity, throughout the agricultural value chain to sustainably meet the demands of a growing world.” GHI board members come from a list of corporate elites representing IBM, Monsanto and DuPont.

All of these companies, along with biotech giant Syngenta have boots on the ground in developing nations, investing millions of dollars to establish billion dollar businesses that will “transform” these “lagging” areas.

They even have special programs targeting for the youth, such as honoring Future Farmers of America chapters involved in Farmers Feeding the World. Researching any of these organizations reveals the massive amount of money and power behind them and the far reaching, full color propaganda machine they drive.

If you don’t know the truth about these companies or their track records, then all of this sounds pretty nice…Big, wealthy, compassionate companies trying to save the world from hunger, putting good healthy food in reach of every girl and boy! Ho, ho, ho!

( I assume the reader has a basic understanding of the nightmares these companies have unleashed, the dangers of GMO’s, Roundup, the powerful lobbies of the biotech and agribusiness industries and how they have bought off the U.S. Government, how they have made it illegal for farmers to save their own seed, how they pay farmers to spy on and turn in their own neighbors so Monsanto can sue them, etc.)

Behind the big fluffy white beard, we’re likely to find an agenda to make certain that their GMO seeds and Roundup PLUS, are coupled with the very latest technologies in order to sustain their stranglehold on agriculture, worldwide, and force it down our throats.

Despite the many good developments in farming practices that have come our way in recent decades, they pale in comparison to the destructive monster that now lurks in the soil and in the food and water, thanks to these industries. Sadly, any balanced discussion of these issues is nearly impossible.

American farmers are good people, among the most honest and ingenious I’ve known. They work hard, they love the land, and they love what they do. Family farmers and ranchers have a connection with the soil, with the land, unlike any other job.

Most would not do anything they really believed was harmful to the land or to the food supply. They believe they are doing the right thing by using chemical fertilizers and weed killers, by growing crops that deliver higher yield (GMO), that require less water (Drought Resistant strains), or that can stand up to herbicides and/or pesticides. Farmers believe they are growing good food to feed a hungry world.

They believe what they’ve been told by the industry giants who work with them (and prey upon them) day in and day out. Who can blame them?

I think they believe in MonSanta

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