Who Are The Klingons?

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When I submitted an earlier post I used the word Vulcan. I have always uses this as an analogy to friends because it best represents how I view things. If we could look into the future 100 maybe 200 years from now who from the fictional series Star Trek would we as a race most likely resemble? I would say at this juncture in time I would put my money on the Klingons.

I was appalled at the idiocy I saw this last year on a commercial on T.V. It was for some type of reality show where the celebrities go through the rigors of combat. Everything was there except the guns and the death, how perfect. Can you imagine the aliens when they invade bringing that much more terror on a civilian population than we have been able to achieve already, perhaps.

We are a warrior race are we not? Is not our history defined in many ways by war? Do you think we will treat any foreign life form with mercies and sympathies we do not extend to our own race?

This posting is another perspective attempting to share my feelings and thoughts. I did not enter this contest to win a prize. I entered this contest because I was surprised and grateful that someone had the foresight to put on the contest. I entered this contest because I have children, family and friends in this world. If somehow I “won” this is what would I do. I would roll the winnings back into another contest, or at least attempt to, given this website or another was willing. Why, because this is what I fear, I fear that after this contest is over our gains will be degraded. At the present we have lots of viewpoints, ideas and information to digest. No doubt many of us are wiser for it. We have made an initiative and have profited from it. What is our next initiative, our next move?

I read daily, much more than I want, information on politics, economics and social issues. Issues that in many ways I am helpless to change. Yes change can happen and I am not meaning to be defeatist. I know that historically change does occur it just seems to take a lot of time and sometimes cost a lot in sorrow. We also live in a world unlike any before in our recorded history from a technological point of view. My analogy with Klingons and Vulcans is an attempt to see into the future where technology is taking us. I cannot also help but believe what I see as an agenda of control, an agenda likely put in place with some forethought and planning. Historically it simply fits the pattern of human endeavor. Someone seems to be always in the process of attempting to get the upper hand on someone else for some reason or the other.

So how did we arrive at this point in time? Surely technology is a wild card and aggravating factor. Though if you compared the human endeavors of today with those say 300 years ago are they really that different. Have our social and individual wants and needs changed that much really? We are still human after all. Why is it a common storyline throughout of deception, betrayal, and injustice? Why does history follow patterns? What can we do different this time? That is my question.

These are the issues that concern me. I really do fear that given a certain amount of time our attempt at “solutions” will be lost in so much noise. Why, because the format is still the same. Articles containing viewpoints and varied information are presented as they are every day. When the contest is over we will continue reading articles with different viewpoints and information. My overriding question is this. How do we assimilate and utilize all these viewpoints and all this information that we have received and will receive in order to capitalize on them to the greatest extent? Our current state of affairs did not occur overnight. We have collectively always been suckers for those whom thirst for power and control, always. How do we change that?

So my appeal to you today is heartfelt. What is our next step and how do we preserve our gains, I implore you to ask yourself those questions. How do we together find not only the solutions but find the questions we should be asking ourselves. How do we work and cooperate in our most productive manner? What should our next contest be about and how do we quantify the answers? That question alone could be the “contest”. Whatever our next endeavor, let’s make it ours.

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